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Nov 12, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Hjeltmans Grafiska: We make homes beautiful!

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 12, 2015

Hjeltmans Grafiska

We want to spread our passion!

Hjeltmans Grafiska is a small one person design company founded in 2014. We design and produce posters for adults and and some for children. Most of the posters are inspired by mother nature and therefore include themes like flowers and animals. But theres some human beings as well. Especially in the posters for children.There you can find strong girls in fabel atmospheric environments making a difference for boys and girls.

Our company was started in the dream of getting the funder, Måsse Hjeltman´s drawings and dreams out in the real world. Having a vision to make products that makes your home beutiful with a retro, classical but modern touch.

Motströms (against the stream)
Motströms (against the stream)

So, whats the problem?

A lot of customers buy art from the big companies with results in similarity and less personality in home interiors. That’s what we want to change. When the big companies owns the market the magazines reflects their products in ads and home stylings. A small company like Hjeltmans Grafiska can’t get the attension that we need when we lack the money for advertisement.

Independent artists and designers.

By helping us out you will support a small business design company get started and reach out to customers. We can be independent and free and not end up designing in a big company. You will make the design world more varying with fun for everyone. And last but not least, you have the chance to make your own home or work space beautiful by buying our product for a lower price.

Svenska vilda blommor - svart
Svenska vilda blommor – svart

The David and Goliath market.

And how´s the market then? The design market is full of great designers and great business companies. But mostly, it’s the big and powerful companies that own the market and make the money. That makes it hard for an unknown struggeling design company to be heard. But hey, they produce a lot of beauty can´t say anything about that!

Crying Emptiness
Crying Emptiness

How we do it.

Hjeltmans Grafiska design all prints at home office of Måsse Hjeltman. The first ideas come down on a sketch book and then the ideas will be re-worked in illustrator. Then we send the files to a local print company which produce the high quality paper prints that we sell on our homepage. We also have a few resellers selling our prints.

And this is how we want to spend your money!

Hjeltmans Grafiska will use the money for advertising in several magazines and online in different social media. In the long run it will make the business a full time work with new great design ideas. Thats the dream situation anyway. Hopefully it has the chance to come true with a little help from a friend, you.

Svenska Vilda Blommor - Röd
Svenska Vilda Blommor – Röd

Web and socials.

If you want to see more of what Hjeltmans Grafiska is doing, pleace visit us at our home page and social medias.

Hjeltmans Grafiska Home Page




Contact Information:

Måsse Hjeltman

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