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Nov 12, 2015 11:51 AM ET

Archived: Brains MMO app game!: completely unique to the world of computer games!

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 12, 2015

Brains MMO app game!

Shelby Ferguson (Skip) and Scott Genovese are both lifetime gamers with a strong passion for finding the best games there are. After years of playing just about everything out there, they formed Mastermind Board Games in 2008 and started developing their unique process for creating new games. This led to a lot of great game ideas and concepts, many of which will be produced down the road.

Brains was started in 2010 and applied this process to a computer game. The result is something that is completely unique to the world of computer games! At the core of the game, you are simply a brain that can take over and control the bodies of zombies. You get stronger by defeating stronger zombies and taking out their brain, putting yourself in and gaining the stronger stats, effectively “leveling up”. There are 4 different quests types initially, allowing you to progress in the game with whatever play style you like. Each quest gives you a ticket which can be exchanged for the chance to fight a stronger zombie and take it over. There is also an in depth world chat system. Brains also does not use any traditional experience meter!

None of these are the most unique feature to Brains however, the storyline. Brains has an initial 5 year story arc planned with room for more after that. This storyline will unfold as players progress in the game. Many times players will be presented with choices through world events or random encounters, their decisions in response to these will change how the game progresses!

We have a programmer already hired who has some really good experience with mobile games and has multiple games already out. By his estimate we are going to need another $4,000 to get this out (hopefully) by new years. Every penny donated will go to pay him so Brains can be completed! He is able to bring it out on both Google Play and the App Store at the same time and will begin testing very soon. We need your help to get through this final stage! Literally years of work has went into Brains and every gamer who has heard of the concept has loved it and is ready to play it.

Anything received above $4,000 can be immediately applied as soon as the game launches towards programming the first few planned major updates for Brains. This will add a lot more content even sooner to Brains and give the world even more depth! More information on those will come as we get closer to the goal.

There are some great rewards set up, some giving double or even triple the donated amount in game currency when it launches! Real world currency in Brains is called Brain Chunks and you can do a whole lot of fun things with these. If you want to donate but don’t think you will play the game yourself, just tell us anyone you know with an account after it launches and they will get your bonus.

Please consider donating to this campaign! Not one cent will be wasted, help us bring out the next generation of gaming app mmo’s! Please share this on your facebook, twitter, email and any other social media you use. We hope to see you in Brains soon!!


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Skip Ferguson

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