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Nov 12, 2015 3:55 PM ET

Archived: Blip.fm Revival: a unique realtime social music service

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 12, 2015

Blip.fm Revival




Way back in 2006, a Blip engineer creatively interpreted (i.e. completely disregarded) specific instructions from his product manager and built Blip.fm.  Nearly a decade later, even though Blip has not been actively maintained for many years, Blip refuses to surrender.  Thousands of users continue to find joy in using the service every day.  Rather than shut Blip down, we would rather see it live!

If we reach our goal, we are confident we can:
– support Blip through 2016
– stomp out the backlog of bugs
– deliver on the thank you gifts to our supporters, including an Almost Ad Free* service

If we reach $250,000, we are confident we can:
-achieve our baseline objectives (listed above)
-refactor the code to bring it into this decade
-provide customer and product support going forward.

If we reach $500,000, we are confident we can:
-achieve our objectives listed above
-do a major app refresh including UI and code
-possibly a single mobile app.

If funding far exceeds targets, Blip will explore the best ways of leveraging those resources to make Blip a better service for years to come (improve UX, more content, mobile app, better external app integrations, etc.).

*We are calling it Almost Ad Free, to reflect the fact that while we can remove most ads, we cannot remove those included with third party content

Contact Information:

Reblip LLC

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