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Nov 11, 2015 10:52 AM ET

Archived: New comedy series (Working) Holiday

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 11, 2015

New comedy series (Working) Holiday

The story of the project

Straight in there.

We already have a fully produced and released pilot episode however due to unforeseen circumstances, our film AND sound equipment we have been using is no longer accessible to us, and so we need your support to allow the debauchery, comedy, laughs and tears to flow forth once more.

Travelling is arguably the most exhausting, exhilarating, emotional, fulfilling, stressful and unforgettable experience someone can go through.

Typical rewards that come from travelling include getting a killer tan, seeing the most incredible creations nature has to offer, and getting matching tattoos with your two bestest friends in the whole wide world who you met at the free breakfast in your hostel that very morning.

Typical downsides include getting killer sun burn, not being able to see the most incredible creations nature has to offer due to the cyclone it decided to whip up on the day your tour was booked, and getting matching tattoos with the two random hippies you met at the free breakfast in your hostel that very morning:  
Paul has seen it all. After a year of backpacking Australia with his (actual) bestest mate in the whole wide world, he had witnessed people, behaviour, and situations that were just too outrageous, hilarious or heartbreaking not to document. It started with a notes page on Paul’s phone of quotes he’d over heard in hostels (“How long have you been in Byron then?” – “I got here this morning, I think. Last thing I remember was pre-drinking in Sydney last night”)

But after they checked into a Melbourne hostel with a booking of 5 nights and left 7 months later, the scribblings and disjointed anecdotes began to take shape – characters were created, stories were fully formed. With the help of Rachael and Cassten of Mad Alice Media, and heavy influences from their love of Mockumentary shows ‘The Office’ and ‘Summer Height’s High’ – ‘(Working) Holiday’ was born, and the Pilot episode was cast, filmed, produced and released.

Paul was very conscious when writing the series that there is a lot of assumptions about young backpackers that a lot of them are simply getting drunk and disorderly in a different country where the alcohol is cheaper sold in 5 litre bags, and where they don’t have to pay off their student loans. There is of course an element of this in the show but as with all great comedy, Paul was determined to show a raw emotional side, presenting the very real human emotions and struggles that people who are travelling away from home go through – homesickness, money problems, relationships, and insufferably poor wi-fi.

The pilot episode was extremely well received, both by those who said they could 100% relate to the backpacking lifestyle and the situations that the characters were finding themselves in but also by those who had never even left their own country, but still enjoyed watching the characters struggle through trials and tribulations of being away from home.

People love watching it – we love making it. This is why we really need your help! With your support, we can finish the season, and make it a truly polished piece that we can be proud of and that we know audiences will love for years to come. After all, the age-old activity of travelling is one of the only things in this world which will never go out of fashion.

Contact Information:

Rachael Low
Cassten Roberts

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