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Nov 11, 2015 11:05 AM ET

Archived: Help Create South Africa’s Most Empowering Music Label

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 11, 2015

Help create South Africa’s most
empowering Music label

Support the M-power Music and Sound Coop by buying your ticket to
the Afrofeel concert at the Cape Castle!


Artists are recorded and produced at fully equipped facilities with the best engineers, where they could previously not afford to do so. By allowing all our talented artists a way of overcoming barriers to the market, a full expression of South African music can emerge.

An essential measure of success for the project is to have all our artists receive 80% of the profit from their music sales. This will become a reality as more artists join.

By buying a ticket to the launch concert or the first recorded CD (see rewards), you will help us to make this a reality.

Reaching our first milestone will allow us to stage the Afrofeel concert in October and launch of the Mpower Music and Sound Coop. Having a full house will in turn allow us to stage the 6 planned Mpower concerts over the next 12 months. All the while recording talented artists, nurturing them and bringing them to the market where they can earn the lion’s share of the profits from their work.

We are in the process of creating partnerships to allow us to offer fully accredited courses in the creative arts.

Mpower is also partnered with public organizations such as Correctional Services to help young offenders find their way in society and use creativity to reduce recidivism.


Milestone 1 –  R200 000
The Tipping Point
The launch concert is a go!

Milestone 2 – R600 000
The Ultimate Goal
Tickets have been sold out! Proceeds will go toward incubating and empowering our next artists!



Contact Information:

M-Power Music and Sound Coop

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