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Nov 11, 2015 12:04 PM ET

Archived: Early stages learning: to make a suite of applications to teach numbers, letters, math and more

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 11, 2015

Early stages learning


I have two wonderful daughters 3, and 1. When my first was born I wanted to create her my own applications for learning letters and numbers. At the time I was not overly impressed with the offerings available in the Google Play store.

I set out to start learning basic programming. Being a single-income family most of my time has been working a full-time job and caring for my children in the evening. It has been a wonderful three years with them, but I have only been able to learn to program in small windows of time between our oldest daughter’s bed-time and mine.

I am at a tipping-point in what my level of knowledge is and what I want to accomplish. The only thing that is holding me back is time. I dream of a few short months, working on this full-time to make this a reality.

With my current level of income I am hoping I can be supported for 3 months through this campaign to make this a reality.

The long-term goals is to make a suite of applications to teach numbers, letters, math and more with all the apps being ad-free and free to download and use. Each app will come with multiple activities (6 or more) that the child can learn and have fun. There will be a few activities that can be unlocked with a single small purchase amount. The included free activities will be more than enough for both the parents and the child to be entertained and learn and will be in no way hindered by a requirement to purchase the extra activities.

I am planning on most activity screens to have its own mascot animal. The only activity that I have made alot of progress on so far is the ‘drawing numbers’ activity. This activity has a fish for the mascot (the graphics are not yet final and will change) with simple behaviour and animations. It will swim around playing with the bubbles floating up. The counting-amount activity (this one with multiple-choice) is planned to have a ladybug that walks around whom will encourage and celebrate for correct answers.

What makes this application unique is that it is making use of a basic physics environment which allows the elements of the application interact with each other, such as the fish ‘playing’ with the bubbles. The counting-amount app fruit had falls onto the screen and bounce around slightly and settle into a pile. No two screens will have the fruit fall quite the same way which adds an element of fun and a little challenge to the counting-amount.

An extended goal is to potentially bring these planned applications to Apple products as well. Currently the focus is on Android as the development tools, and hardware is much more obtainable and affordable. I have everything I need to complete this project… equipment, knowledge and the ideas. The only thing I really need now is time to focus and accomplish this goal.

Thank you to any and all of your generosity.


Contact Information:

Trevor Hitchings

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