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Nov 10, 2015 12:07 PM ET

Archived: L.A. Christine: Miracle in the Blue Bottle

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 10, 2015

L.A. Christine

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L.A. Christine ( www.LAChristine.com ) is a fast growing all natural skin care company which is a boutique brand, cruely free and fills the mass market demand for luxury high qualtiy products. 

No other skin care company in the world offers our “Proprietary Berry Blend” of powerful anti-aging, anti-oxidant extracts with centuries of proven Finnish heritage at it’s core. 

L.A. Christine’s – No 3 Berry Face Oil is ”Hollywood’s Celebrity Beauty Secret” for soft, smooth dewy skin. Used by TV – Film Make Up Artists. Our signature product No 3 Berry Face Oil was a huge sales success on CBS The Talk . We sold 1184 units during the 1 hour show. 


Once we are funded, our manufacturing lead time is 30 days. On line marketing – pre order sales has started, television sales begin after the beginning of the new year. The inventory is intended for the holiday period and the start of the year 2016. 

About L.A. Christine

LogoThe Brand

For centuries, Finland has been known for many of the world’s most sought-after skincare treatments. No other skin care company in the world offers our “Proprietary Berry Blend” of powerful anti-aging, anti-oxidant extracts with centuries of proven Finnish heritage at it’s core.

Current Distribution

Available on-line at L.A. Christine as well as luxury spas and specialty boutiques and television sales. Recently sold on Network Television: CBS – The Talk (1184 units sold during the 1 hour show of signature product No 3 Berry Face Oil)

KeyPublicity and Brand Events:

BWRSpring Review 100+ magazine editors, TV producers, bloggers, stylist- make up artists.

Magazines: NY desk side interviews with major magazines for editorial placement.

Billboard Music Awards: Backstage VIP Celebrity Gifting lounge.

GoldenGlobe: Film Screenings by Finnish Consulate for Peter Franzen’s Film with 115 international press attendees and artists.

Exhibitor at International Esthetics:, Cosmetics & Spa


NBC’sExtra TV https://youtu.be/zCLBAVqbTBY

CBSThe Talk – “Friday Finds” https://youtu.be/Pw4B-NY2eEc


Why Are We Unique?

Northern Lights run down from heaven and unspoiled wilderness is so clean and pure, you can drink the water directly from from the river and streams.

Saunas, spas, artic berries, natural ingredients, and other elements of a healthy lifestyle are at the center of their culture. Finnish Lingonberries are grown in the wild. Due to the short growing season they are intensely concentrated and more powerful in nourishing strength. Always hand picked!

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The Finnish Lingonberry (“puolukka” in Finnish) is one of the most unique rare berries and highest anti-oxidant in the world. Due to the very short growth period in the Arctic, they become intensely concentrated with more nourishing strength. They contain 30% more vitamin C than the blueberry. Lingonberry is indigenous only to the Scandinavian – Arctic region. They grow naturally in the forest and can not be cultivated. They contain no pesticides and are hand picked!

We also have the Brazilian Açai Berry which is the Southern Counter part for the Northern Lingonberry. It is a warm-climate berry harvested from palm trees in South America. The Açai Berry is infused with omega fatty acids, concentrated vitamins & minerals with anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging.

The Raspberry is brimming with vitamins and minerals which dramatically enhance the skin’s elasticity, reduce age spots, and naturally shields the skin from the damaging effects of the sun.


The Products

Image title

No 1 Berry Cleansing & Toning Mist This one step soothing cleansing mist contains “Our Proprietary Blend” of Scandinavian Lingonberry extract. It cleanses your skin and has toning remedies. It is perfect for removing makeup, daily grime and cleaning your skin. Refresh and cleanse your skin. The rare hand picked“Arctic Lingonberry” from Finland’s Nordic Forest is the key to L.A. Christine’s proprietary enriched berry blend of potent antioxidants, anti aging complex and vitamins.

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No 2 Berry Exfoliant is a powerful blend of all natural minerals and Finland’s Lingonberry. The Lingonberry high vitamin – C content supplements the powerful vitamins and minerals. It’s specifically developed to gently polish, target dull skin in areas like your face and neck. It gently lifts away rough, dead surface skin and other impurities for smoother, more younger-looking skin. It cleans your skin leaving it perfect for the final touch of No 3 Berry face Oil.

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No 3 Berry Face Oil L.A. Christine’s signature product – All Natural therapeutic oil is “Ultra Light, Fast Absorbing” and works with the skin’s natural oils, deeply penetrating to nourish and sooth. It quickly absorbs without an oily residue, helps smoothing the skin and fine lines, giving a youthful glow and helps makeup go on smoother.

The rare hand picked“Arctic Lingonberry” from Finland’s Nordic Forest is the key to L.A. Christine’s proprietary enriched berry blend  of potent antioxidants, anti aging complex and vitamins, just a drop or two goes a long way in enhancing the skin’s elasticity and giving it a youthful glow by keeping it hydrated all day long.

For all skin types (normal, oily, dry) and weather conditions.

                                            Clinical Tested – Allergy Tested – Dermatologist Certified

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The Ultimate Regimen Set is a collection of products for all three steps to your perfect beauty regimen. 

Cleansing, Exfoliant and Facial Oil

  • The set includes:

  • No 1 Berry Face Cleansing and Toning Mist  2oz / 60 ml

  • No 2 Berry Face Exfoliant   1oz / 30 ml

  • No 3 Berry Face Oil   ½ oz / 15 ml

L.A. Christine’s products are all natural, cruelty free, paraben free and use recycled materials. Our ingredients are of the highest quality. The Finnish Lingonberries are hand picked, grown wild in the nordic forest and can not be farmed. We manufacture and package our products in the USA!



Contact Information:

Lea A.C. Fulton

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