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Nov 9, 2015 7:25 PM ET

Archived: THE SECOND EDITION OF SATURN STARS: to achieve a 1500 euros budget for the second edition of Saturn’s stars

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 9, 2015


I intend to achieve a 1500 euros budget for the second edition of Saturn’s stars. In the preparation of a book it is necessary to review, paging, the development of attractive and creative cover, obtain an ISBN number and the print run is 500 copies. I have immense readers waiting for this edition have read Nirvana and fire rings and want to know the beginning of the history of the trilogy, and have readers in Brazil, Spain, United States, Luxembourg, Portugal, Azores and Madeira. I intend that the deadline is until February 2016. The value of the book on sale to the public will have a value of 15 euros.

Saturn’s Star is the first volume of my interplanetary trilogy that is exhausted and want to edit a second edition.

Treatment is a love story which begins in the year 2099, in which an alien planet Saturn falls in love with a human.

That same year, the Saturnian Civilization refers to planet Earth to join together in the struggle for survival of both races, trying to find the balance between them.

Amelia is natural keys and comes to live to Porto, lying to study at the Faculty of Letters Porto.Seth is Saturnian, professor of World History and the two have a romance crowned with racemic, ideological, social and planetary course .

A novel by science fiction full of adventures and screenplays. The street Cedofeita, the riverfront Oporto (with sunken city), street Sta.Catarina are part of these scenarios and the moon Titan and Saturn.

Each chapter has an authors opening verse of my preference depicting the theme of each chapter, a sort of introduction.

Since naughty secret agents on missions to the unconditional love, Saturn’s Stars, transports the reader on a wild ride on a good mastery of the Portuguese language that has the power to captivate the beginning of the end reader.

My Trilogy lies exhausted and seeing internationally.

My dream is to take it to the movies.


Contact Information:

Aurea Maria Justo

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