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Nov 9, 2015 4:39 PM ET

Archived: Sustainable Hemp Couture

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 9, 2015

Sustainable Hemp Couture
We are the new benchmark for quality, innovative Hemp T-Shirts.
We are sustainable design. The environment comes first.


Chop Chop Couture is the brainchild of Valdemar Strydom and co-founder Willem Pretorius. The brand idea was first created in 2011, but required tweaking and clarification to get to its current environmental focus. Feeling that the brand was empty as a business focused purely on financial profit, Valdemar waited until the time was right to launch the brand with its tree planting policy.

With all the garments made from Hemp or Hemp/Organic Cotton fabrics he felt that as environmentally friendly as the product was, it wasn’t enough, and so he committed to planting trees as part of Chop Chop Couture’s standard business practice. We at Chop Chop Couture will plant a tree for every R2500 in Gross Profit made, at no extra cost to our clients.

Not only does Hemp absorb incredibly high quantities of CO2 while it still growing, but the trees planted after the T-Shirt is sold will lead to even more CO2 absorption and a cleaner atmosphere for everyone. The trees will be planted in communities where it is needed and in areas of the environment that have been damaged by human consumption or natural disasters.

To take our focus on the environment even further, we will be using hemp and/or recycled paper and no plastic other than the courier envelope (free courier included in every purchase).  Our packaging designs take inspiration from fast food restaurants, for example a noodle box, tying into our quick production time goals and adding to the idea that your experience with us will be quick and effortless.

In an attempt to give back to our loyal clients we will have a Loyalty Card system which is free to every backer of the campaign but there will be nominal fee charged for each new card once the business has started production. Each T-Shirt purchased will equal 20 points on the card, meaning your sixth T-Shirt is free, or you can request that we plant a tree instead.

Our website will be highly interactive and will allow you to design the T-Shirt you want by selecting the cut, the colour/s, size and even the optional extra of having your initials embroidered on the garment. Our intention is to stick to a 3 days or less production cycle from the moment of order until collection by courier. The garments will be well tailored and boast interesting garment construction with unusual seam placement.

We are humbled and grateful for all of your contributions and we are excited to walk this sustainable fashion journey with you.


Milestone 1 –  R64 000
The Tipping Point
This covers our equipment expenses.

Milestone 2 – R150 000
This will cover the purchase of fabrics, packaging, the salary of our seamstress and the rental expenses.

Milestone 3 – R320 000
The Ultimate Goal
This will cover all expenses for 6 months while the business is growing and will allow us to pay for further marketing and PR to allow the business to grow.

Website: Chopchopcouture.com
Facebook: /ChopChopCouture
Twitter: @ChopChopCouture
Instagram: ChopChopCouture
Youtube: Chop Chop Couture

Valdemar Strydom: val@chopchopcouture.com
Willem Pretorius: will@chopchopcouture.com


Contact Information:

Chop Chop Couture

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