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Nov 9, 2015 10:47 EST

Stingray Technologies Inc.: Online brokerage targeted at the OTC niche with unique opportunity to capture significant value in multi billion dollar industry

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 9, 2015

Stingray Technologies Inc.

Stingray Technologies Inc.


The OTC markets generate over a quarter trillion dollars a year in volume, yet much of this value goes largely untapped. Why? Because of the lack of information available to would-be investors about OTC stocks discourages trading, as as do excruciatingly high trading fees that price potential investors out of the market. The Over-The-Counter market has hardly realized its full potential. That quarter-trillion-dollars-generated-yearly figure stands to increase dramatically if solutions to the critical issues facing the market are introduced.

Why We Started This Company

We started Stingray Technologies because we believe that people want to invest in small businesses, that investors want to participate in companies with hyper growth potential. Unfortunately the OTC market today is not friendly towards investors, and we want to change that.

Our Solution

Through our trading platform, investors will be able to trade OTC companies for just $1 + 0.30% of the order value, with discounts available for high volume or institutional traders. Existing brokerages charge as much as 5% of the order value. In addition to providing lower fees, investors can download a PDF document for each security in order to make due diligence easier.

Contact Information:

Matthew Neumeier
Alex Kaplan

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