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Nov 9, 2015 12:57 PM ET

Archived: From Music into Silence Documentary: evokes the tone and timber of the life journey of Peter through his spiritual exploration

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 9, 2015

From Music into Silence Documentary

The story of the project

“I am calling to you from after,
Calling to you since the beginning of days”
– Jalaluddin Rumi

If you hear this call, in what way can you answer it?

‘From Music into Silence’ evokes the tone and timber of the life journey of Peter through his spiritual exploration, which continue to give vitality to his role as Australia’s first and possibly only, certified music-thanatologist.
Music-thanatology is a sub-specialty of palliative care and Peter uses a particular approach called an end of life ‘Music Vigil’ to bridge the gap between life and death.
‘The heart of the playing is to lead people into a comforting silence, which sounds odd when you’re playing an instrument to them, but that’s the nature of it. It’s a special thing to have something of value to offer, when nothing else can be done. ‘ said Peter Roberts.
The decisions that Peter Roberts made about where his life was going, has profoundly affected the lives of others. ‘The reed flute song’ by Rumi, the Persian mystic, expressed a call that has changed Peter’s life. He left a successful business career mid-life to pursue a vocation in music. He trained specifically to play for people facing life-threatening illness and the profound effect of his music has since been validated by research.

Why make this film?

Even though the world is full of violence, malice and wars, I found a man who offers love and peace to others. For him, death represents the normal, natural outcome of life, not something to be feared or fought against. He brings music, beauty and calmness to people facing their final moments. I was not familiar with music- thanatology and was curious to have a close-up look at his experiences. I met Peter and he told me how he heard a call of the Divine at a particular time in his life when he was open enough to hear it.
I always have the feeling that we all have a calling in life and everyone’s call is different. We may not necessary understand it, nor to know how to answer it, but if we believe it, the call will guide us.
So, I decided to make a feature-documentary to attend international film festivals around the world and remind people ‘apart from love, everything passes away’.
If I can pass this message I believe that I answered my call.

How the funds will be used

This project is self-funded %40 of filming, so all funds raised by this campaign will go to the rest of the filming and post production including:

– Filming equipment
– Crew
– Transport
– Edit
– Sound design
– Visual effects
– Colour grade
– Subtitling
– Promotional material

Contact Information:

Farshid Akhlaghi

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