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Nov 8, 2015 9:13 AM ET

Archived: Micaton Magnetic Screw Holder: Revolutionary device that will turn your screwing job much easier and powerful.

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 8, 2015

Here you can find the list of our available rewards that you can buy to help us into the development of our project.

 You will be able to make the combinations that best suit your needs:


MICATON is a new screw holder device that combines a very powerful neodymium magnet and a rubber body, which combined gives MICATON some quality points never seen so far in products that can compete with us. 

Micaton is the only independent and interchangeable device which can be inserted in manual screwdrivers or electric screwdriver bits, obtaining a versatility until now unknown. Your have a micaton for each thickness of rod -identified with a different color- and you can use it with almost every screws on the market.

With MICATON, the screwing tasks are fast, accurate and secure. The strength of his neodymium allows screwing only with one hand, leaving the other free. With MICATON you can avoid accidental fall and loss of screws or any object attached to it, and you can easily access difficult places to pick some lost screws or objects. The perfect fit between the tip of MICATON and the screw head, prevents wear and helps a faster and more accurate screwing task.

We currently have available a blister pack with 6 pieces but we want to expand the range with some interesting sets that will include all the sizes available of MICATON and the most used bits around the world, including a universal handle and a new extra accessory: a magnetic nail holder. Our challenge is to achieve a product with a wide range of presentations to suit all types of clients, from the casual DIY user to the professional one.

Our product has been developed in direct conversations with manufacturers and displayed in some electric and manual tools trade shows all over the world, having been recognized as one of the most innovative products in Las Vegas Hardware Show 2014 and we also have been awarded with the prize for the best invention of the year 2015 in Ferroforma 2015 Trade Show in Spain.

So far, we have managed to reach with our resources, but we still have far to go. All over the world, thousands of screwing tasks are made every day and we present an amazing solution that aims to make those tasks easier for everyone, being them DIY enthusiasts or professionals in the area. We are committed to this project and all the work involved on it, and we need your help to start a large scale production and to continue to develop new solutions and presentations that can fit to other proposes. We are deeply grateful for your collaboration.




Contact Information:

Micaton Ergonomics, S.L.

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