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Nov 8, 2015 11:43 AM ET

Archived: FARBO Café – The New Standard For Quality: The Best Quality Café in the Coffee Capital of the World

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 8, 2015

FARBO Café – The New Standard For Quality

Welcome to FARBO Café

The Best Quality Café in the Coffee Capital of the World

                                                                                         It’s something else.                                                                                                                                You’ve never tasted anything like this! 

          FARBO Café has an exceptional menu. With unforgettable ice-cream, specialty bakery & desserts, and great coffee and tea, there is something for everyone. At FARBO Café, exceptional means the very finest quality. Everything we make is produced from the highest quality ingredients, grown and produced organically.

          FARBO Café has the highest standards of excellence in the café business. Quality ingredients, careful qualified production, and world-class service. Our Mantra is:

“Quality in, Quality out!”

          FARBO Café is not simply another cafe – it`s the new standard for quality in Vienna – the unofficial coffee capital of the world.

           We are ready to bring FARBO Café to the people of Austria,                               and we need your help to make it happen!


Support this project by buying a “Pre-Order” Perk. You can use it in FARBO Caféanytime you like in future,

Or receive our best Coffee Beans or Tea Leaves sent directly to your home (see more below),

Or choose anything else you like from our Perks listed to the right. →

Our top quality offerings:

          At Farbo Café we offer many quality products for our guests.  A small sampling of these products are described below:


Quality Offering #1 – Ice Cream

          Natural Handmade Ice Cream from an amazing original recipe and process. This is something completely different from your current concept of “Ice-Cream”. When people try it, they often say they feel like they are discovering ice cream for the first time! The base of this ice cream has its own intensive and delicious taste. It is made from all-natural creams without any stabilizer, chemical flavoring or coloring. With only natural nuts and fruits, it is an absolutely unforgettable experience. People rave about two flavors in particular, “Salty Sailor” and (yes, you read it right) “Cheese Please”.


Quality Offering #2 – Pastry “Small Pockets”

          My famous Cherry “Small Pockets” are derived from traditional Finish cuisine. Once while in Finland, I sampled some Finish bakery with cherry. It was good, but as is my habit, I immediately began to imagine ways make the taste bolder and more intense. After extensive experimentation, this traditional dish was transformed into my famous Cherry “Small Pockets” made with (among other things) cherry juice instead of water. Once I’d found the perfect balance, people loved it.



Quality Offering #3 – Coffee Specialty Beans

          FARBO’s coffee (Third Wave) is brewed from beans which come from farmers who only collect ripe coffee cherries on organic plantations, which they work lovingly by hand. Business with them is conducted under the direct Fair Trade model recognized across the world. The result is simply the BEST coffee beans from roasters who refuse to sell beans that are not of the highest roasting quality.



Quality Offering #4 – Green and Black Tea Leaves

          As with our coffee, our Tea Leaves come from best organic plantations in China and Sri Lanka with only the highest handpicked quality selection making its way into our customer’s cups. We offer real Green and Black (Red) Tea without dust and coloring. Pu-erh, Oolong, Longjing and also rich choice of flower teas from all over the world. Only the best authentic Tea, something that these days is more and more rare!

Additionally we are happy to offer you different Natural Flower Teas, which are also wonderful.


Contact Information:

Gruzhevskiy Taras
Roland Wright

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