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Archived: REID BURROWS: a 20-year-old triathlete from the small community of Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick, Canada

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I’m a 20-year-old triathlete from the small community of Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick, Canada. I have been racing triathlons for 5 years now and I am the only person east of Quebec racing elite. After high school I moved halfway across the country to pursue my dreams. I’m now based in Hamilton, Ontario because I am one of the only elite triathletes that is trying to go to university while going after success in sport. In 2013 I dislocated my shoulder and I was unsure if I’d ever be able to swim again, let alone race. Fortunately through extensive rehab and a lot of patience, I was able to not only get back to where I was but was able to exceed both my previous fitness and strength.

In order to get closer to my goal of making it on the National team I need to race more including international races. In order to race more I need financial assistance. Although I receive support from the province, it is not nearly enough to cover my $20000 per year budget. Each race costs approximately $1500, between $600-$1000 flight along with 4 to 5 nights in a hotel which I always cut in half by sharing with a teammate. Next year I plan on racing 7-8 races in Florida, Texas, Mexico and Canada. I am asking for $10000 to cover the cost of half of the races, gear and coaching for the 2016 season. On top of travel expenses for races, my coaching fees are $3000. I will be going to a warm weather training camp in February at a cost of approximately $2000. Along with gear maintenance there is body maintenance with massage, physiotherapy and dietician appointments. I have a great support team in New Brunswick, however it is not possible to raise enough funds for my whole season. I appreciate any support you are able to offer!

I have been volunteering at swim practices on Saturdays for the past year at a local triathlon club in Hamilton. It only has about a dozen kids, but I try to pass down all of my race experience and knowledge to them. Another way I give back to the triathlon community is sharing all of my race experiences on my blog so that my family, friends and fans can follow my progress throughout the year. I have held clinics when I am home to teach fellow triathletes skills that they can use in both racing and training. I really believe in a hands-on approach when coaching which is why I get right in with the athletes to really teach them the skills they want to learn! I have also helped out at kid’s triathlons in both Hamilton and New Brunswick to inspire them to pursue triathlon like I am doing. It’s always rewarding seeing how excited they are to see me when I come back the next year to help out! I really love the sport and I think it’s important for it to get as much exposure as it deserves. Trying to get more people involved in triathlon, especially younger athletes, is something else I really believe in!

I appreciate any help you’re willing to offer and I’m going to give you something in return, just check the give-back section. Thank you for considering this opportunity to help me pursue my dreams and I want you to know that you are directly helping me get closer to the Olympics with every donation.

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