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Nov 7, 2015 1:56 PM ET

PARALLUX – 3D Art Series for the View-Master!: a stereoscopic [3D] series to be viewed via the View-Master

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 7, 2015

PARALLUX – 3D Art Series for the View-Master!


We are bringing the View-Master back in a super slick way! Parallux is a stereoscopic [3D] series to be viewed via the View-Master. That’s right, we’re going old school.

It’s a way to reconnect with the past. Our world is so obsessed with progress, that many have lost the ability to live in the moment and appreciate the traditional. Remember when you were a kid, looking through these and getting pulled into the worlds within? Well, we have set out to reunite you with this vintage delicacy and give you a mesmerizing experience!

We love blending the past with present and certainly wish to stay true to the analog format as much as possible while bringing it into the modern space. So, we are planning to do as much in camera as possible. This will enable us to achieve real world depth for these 3D images. This is a fairly ambitious undertaking. It requires:

  • Heavy storyboarding
  • Stereo camera rig / Camera pairs
  • Casting talent
  • Light design
  • Costume design
  • Set construction
  • Practical visual effects
  • Post production of images
  • Production of View-Masters / reels
  • A whole lotta time from some really awesome people.

But the team extends far beyond the in-house crew. YOU can be a part of creating this. By nature, these projects require a lot of wind to keep the sails full, pulling this ship through heavy seas. We invite you all to jump onboard and be a part of this journey. To us, the purpose of the project goes much deeper than creating the art. It is in fact, more about the community of artists and art lovers. Bringing like minded people together. Supporting each other. Making connections. All in the name of pursuit of passion.



There comes a time as an artist, when all the ideas bouncing around your head align and guide you through a journey. You get super focused, exploring ideas and experimenting with new processes. It is really all about returning to the place I feel most in my element as a creative being. It’s about recharging the creative drive, reminding myself why I love art and why I am an artist. Doing it for all the right reasons. To really inspire others.

I am an Emmy winning filmmaker, photographer, designer and illustrator. To me, all these disciplines end up falling into one pot that fuel the creative passion. Parallux is a prime example of blending mediums to fulfill a project much larger than the product itself.”
                                                                                                         – HANK

THE REELS:  3 reels. 7 images per reel. Each set comes with the reels, the View-Master and the display box. The box will house all with pockets to keep your portfolio of reels.

  • Percepto is a term that we have appropriated to mean many things. But mainly, it is when ideas in the subconscious cross over and become that moment of raw inspiration. We have created a character who embodies this in a way. He is the god of dreams and imagination. Because time is void in dreams, he devises a plan to escape time by stealing all the dreams from the world.

  • Takings some notes from National Geographic images of animals in utero, this series will give us a glimpse into the prenatal world of mythological creatures. Just think, a baby Pegasus. Yeah, odd, but cute!

  • Hank has amassed a fairly broad body of work, creating images that lead us into new worlds and make us wonder. Many of his images beg to be transformed into the physical worlds that are represented in paint. So we figured this is a great space to gain some inspiration. Feel free to check out some of Hank’s art here.


To release Parallux to the world, we will be creating a show and all are invited to come see the work before they are available for purchase. As we want to share this journey with everyone, Parallux will be documented heavily throughout the process. We will cut it up and create the behind-the-scenes film to be screened at the show opening and available to all online.

To see more work by HANK check out these links:

We want to thank all of you for your support and joining us on this exciting creative journey! Totally stoked to have you be a part!!



Contact Information:

Hank Vohrer

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