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Nov 6, 2015 2:29 PM ET

Archived: This is Radio Cast: Season 2: A sideways look at life, love and meaning, seen through the eyes of my favorite outsider artists, musicians and cultural trailblazers

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 6, 2015
Our first guest: Punk rock pioneer Henry Rollins
Our first guest: Punk rock pioneer Henry Rollins

The first season of our podcast was a huge success! Thanks to you, we were able to have some really compelling guests. As we start a second season we need your help again… like public radio, we don’t have advertisers to fund our work. So we depend on your support to make this show possible.v

The money we need to raise will go directly towards paying the person that helps me with production and some small upgrades to the equipment. Without a producer, I wouldn’t be able to book the same great guests.

Our budget needs for the year are as follows: 

1) Producer $7,280

2) Hindenburg, audio editing systems $420

3) Dropbox Storage ($10/month) $120

4) Liberated Syndicat (audio hosting site, $20/month) $240 

5) Incentives, Shipping and Kickstarter/transfer fees $2000

6) Zoom EXH-6/TRS Expansion module and accessory pack $130

7) 2 Sure SM58 Microphones (for interviews with larger groups, like bands) $200

8) Batteries $60

Contact Information:

Jay Bakker

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