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Nov 6, 2015 8:01 AM ET

Archived: RAW – A Juice Company: A small, organic juice company based in the Haight area of San Francisco

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 6, 2015
Personal Story

I was raised in the the south but Texas being home for most of my growling up. We had a farm, grew our vegetables and lived simple, my mother raised three of us and worked several jobs to keep us fed and put a hard work ethic in us as children. We picked our own vegetables out of our small garden to cut back on grocery cost. My mother moved around quit a bit when I was pretty young. When I graduated high school, I kept that travel bug and moved a bit myself, finally finding my true home in San Francisco 17 years ago. I moved here to help a friend take care of her husband who had become disablesd in a major accident . I had nothing important going on in my life and decided to move to the city to help out. I fell in love with San Francisco. I had no idea about this city and how hard it could be. I have been everything from a waitress, bartender, audio engineer, musician and now, my passion is making healthy juice and food for me and my community.
My big dream is to have my own restaurant, focusing on a healthy alternative to fast food and over priced restaurants. Ultimately I would love to have my own farm to table restaurant.

Business Description

We are a small, organic juice company based in the Haight area of San Francisco. We are a part of a food market hall and event center. I decided to start my own juice shop when I was on disability in 2013. I had severe nerve damage in my neck and was unable to do my job as a bartender at a place I worked for for over 11 years. Before I decided on surgery, I went to a Chinese Medicine doctor and she suggested juicing while in therapy with her. I knew that it was helping me and thought that this would be a great thing for the community. My biggest challenge was opening my shop on limited funds. I saved my tips and took one small $1000 loan and paid the rest out of pocket. I profited my first year and am ready to celebrate my 2 year anniversary. My customers literally range from toddlers to elderly. Health buffs, to people with major medical problems.
My future goals are to have a couple more locations and then open a farm to table,raw food restaurant. I am proud of a lot of things about my business, I have been told my juice mixes taste more alive than other companies, but if I had to choose one, it would be how my company prides itself on making orders in a very timely manor, and we personalize some juice to meet our guests needs.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will need to get a POS system from Square, which cost about $800.
Two small refrigeration tables/ prep table that are $1400 each.
A Robot Coupe J 100 Ultra $1800
omega juice extractor $300
A Nutrafast Juicer $2000.
A Vitamiix for making smoothies and raw food $700.
A dehydrator from Excaliber, $300.

Security Deposit for second location ( unknown at this time).
I expect these purchases to increase my revenue by over 100%.
By receiving funds for all of these necessities, my business will most definitely triple . The new location is on a major street and a much safer neighborhood.
This loan will help me tremendously by allowing me to focus more on the more creative side and less on stressing about funds to get the supplies I need to be successful. I will be able to take more time hiring quality members for my team and properly market my second location.
My life will definitely be busier than ever, but with such satisfaction knowing my brand is reaching more and more people everyday.

Contact Information:


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