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Nov 6, 2015 2:01 PM ET

Archived: Moving Ourselves Out of Poverty: When a woman is empowered and develops herself, then her children and household will automatically experience the benefits

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 6, 2015

Moving Ourselves Out of Poverty
500 women in rural KZN can join a Self-help group (SHG) that benefits their household economically and socially.


In 2014, Statistics South Africa reported that even though poverty levels are decreasing, around 20% of the population (just over million people) still live in extreme poverty under the food poverty line (FPL). The FPL is the level of consumption below which individuals are unable to purchase sufficient food to provide them with an adequate diet. The FPL was R321 per person per month.

The Self-help group (SHG) project is specifically targeted at women from vulnerable households (which are mostly or solely surviving on social grants) with the understanding that when a woman is empowered and develops herself, then her children and household will automatically experience the benefits. The “poorest of the poor” are identified within a community using participatory methods and selected women are invited to form an SHG.

An SHG is made up of 15 – 20 members from among women identified as the poorest in the community. Each SHG meets weekly, follows simple rules, saves a small amount weekly (usually R2.00/person/week), has group leadership on a rotational basis, and has a book-writer to keep records. SHG members are encouraged to take small loans from their group’s savings for urgent consumption needs, development needs of their children, and for income-generating activities and small business. Interest is charged (usually 10%) and is added to the group income.

Training and capacity-building is provided to SHG members through community facilitators to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem as well as to enhance their skills. Each SHG sets its own annual action plan, implementing its own activities and projects within the community. Principles of self-help, mutual help and self-reliance are encouraged.

How do women, and their children, benefit from being in an SHG?

– Increased self-confidence and skills acquired through capacity-building
– Increased household income and savings through improved money management and easier access to loans
– Increased personal support from SHG members within a caring environment
– Improved nutrition in children
– Increased access to education for children
– Improved access to health and access to treatment for children and adults
– Improved condition of house and increased number of rooms
– Increased ability to contribute towards funeral costs or an unexpected crisis
– Increased coping skills in a mother/grandmother leads to improved parenting of children
– Increased number of women self-employed and starting their own business.

We need your support!
By raising R80,000 through our Thundafund crowdfunding campaign, 500 more women around KZN will be able to join a new SHG. Your support will enable one or more women to join an SHG and begin to move their household out of poverty.


Milestone 1 –  R20 000
The Tipping Point
125 women can now join an SHG in KZN!

Milestone 2 – R40 000
250 women can now join an SHG!

Milestone 3 – R80 000
The Ultimate Goal
500 women, and their families, can now benefit from having joined an SHG!

Website: www.sinamandla.org.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sinamandlaselfhelpgroup
Twitter: @sinamandlashg



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