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Nov 6, 2015 6:13 AM ET

Help Drug ARM Keep Schoolies Safe!

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 6, 2015

Help Drug ARM Keep Schoolies Safe!

Who is Drug ARM?

Drug ARM is an Australian non-profit organisation committed to reaching out and reducing harms associated with alcohol and other drug use.

Why is Drug ARM at Schoolies?

Drug ARM is one of the original supporters of Schoolies on the Gold Coast – we’ve been a friend to Schoolies since 1990! In November 2015, our team of volunteers will descend on the party precinct once again to provide the following services:

  1. Recharge Zone

As part of the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response, we run a ‘Recharge Zone’ to provide schoolies with a private, safe place to rest and receive support. Staffed by trained volunteers, Drug ARM provides water, information, assessment, first aid and referral services each night from 7pm to 1am. The Recharge Zone receives around 500 presentations over the 7 day event provides over 20,000 cups of water!

2. Research Project

Our volunteers will also be conducting surveys for the 16th annual Drug ARM Schoolies Research Project. We collect information about young people’s risk-taking behaviours, including alcohol and illicit drug use, during Schoolies.The research aims to identify the patterns of alcohol and drug use and risk-taking behaviours among those attending the event. The research findings have been used to influence future Schoolies harm minimisation strategies and policy, and have been used in Public Health publications.

How can you help?

Drug ARM doesn’t receive any funding to provide these free services at Schoolies.We’re aiming to raise $5000 to support our volunteers and cover the following costs:

  • Travel, food and accommodation costs for volunteers.
  • Uniform and laundry costs for volunteers.
  • Blue Card application & renewal costs for volunteers.
  • Training & supervision for volunteers.
  • Equipment: banners, signage, tape, zip ties, rain ponchos, lollies, Band Aids, surveys and pens.
Contact Information:

Drug ARM

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