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Nov 6, 2015 12:50 PM ET

GISS – A New Approach to Humanitarian Work

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 6, 2015


   Did you know that every day over 4,300 children die due to poor sanitation? According to the United Nations, a child dies every 20 seconds because of poor sanitation. As such:

3 (deaths/minute) x 60 (minutes) = 180 (deaths/hour)

 180 (deaths/hour) x 24 (hours) = 4,320 children die/day

   Those of us at Global Integrated System Solution (GISS) believe that is totally unacceptable. From years of research and work, we have put together a revolutionary plan to improve the quality of life for children, and adults, in impoverished areas of the world.

   The strength of GISS is that GISS is green, low tech, sustainable (both financially and environmentally), and offers a complete range of solutions. Unlike most efforts to help the poor, such as most charities, we will not need to continually raise more money to maintain a site once it is created. We will be able to offer free sewage and water treatment, as well as provide income, additional food, and help the local environment. A GISS Site is a complete solution designed to solve problems and create a product that ultimately generates income to support the site.

   GISS’s system is environmentally friendly and designed to be run and maintained by local communities. Locals will run the site from management down to maintenance, and every other job on the site. Because our sites are low tech and green, relying on biological processes from plants and animals, they may be maintained by locals after they receive on-site training. GISS Sites will be giving local people steady jobs, beyond our free services. The plan is for locals to have control and empowerment through the GISS system.

   In order to accomplish our launch, GISS needs to have a successful crowdfunding campaign (started October 27, 2015 on Indiegogo, under “GISS Launch” or follow the link so that we can initiate Phase I. The more successful our crowdfunding campaign is, the faster we will be able to help change the world and how we think about humanitarian efforts.

   We also hope to gain contacts with people who can help make the later phases possible, be it donors, partners, etc.

About Global Integrated System Solution — GISS Technologies is the brainchild of founder Robert L. Corra Jr. The firm plans to utilize natural processes and green technology to help create humanitarian sites around the world. The development of GISS really began once Rob moved to Brazil and saw poverty in a large economy country and asked why. Why are all these people suffering? His answer was economics. It costs lots of money to build a site to treat wastewater/sewage, or water, and then it takes money to support such facilities. His solution was to create an inclusive site that provides the needed solutions at the lowest possible running costs, while creating something that is marketable to offset the site’s costs. Thus, after 6 years of work, GISS was born.

For more information, contact:

Rob Corra
GISS Technologies

[email protected]
Twitter: @GISSTech

Crowdfunding Campaign:





Contact Information:

Rob Corra
email: [email protected]
Phone/Whatsapp: +55 (15) 98124-0219 (Brazil)
Skype: robcorra
Twitter: @GISSTech

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