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Nov 5, 2015 12:47 PM ET

Archived: UrbanSherpa: just register on our website or mobile app and tell us what you want picked up and delivered and when

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 5, 2015



Your city, on demand

Online shoppers in today’s market are demanding. They want to be able to find, buy and experience their purchases quickly and efficiently. Consumers have become used to accessing services on-demand, where and when they want them, and quickly become frustrated if they have to wait. This is where UrbanSherpa comes in. We enable you to get almost anything picked up and delivered within an hour, turning your city into an active warehouse.



UrbanSherpa does much more than just deliver. Aucklanders are currently using UrbanSherpa to shop, run errands, and even pick up their lunch for them. Our Sherpas are on bikes, in cars and in vans, ready to pick up even the largest items. And they can even pay for items ‘on-behalf’, so you can use them as your very own personal shopper.

Traditional courier and postal delivery services are increasingly not meeting the needs of today’s connected shopper. Inflexible services, long wait times and high prices all contribute points of frustration in an increasingly on demand economy. UrbanSherpa addresses these pain points by providing a rapid delivery service for almost any item for a cost-effective flat fee.

Our technology connects retailers to an on demand workforce, dynamically assigning jobs to the nearest available UrbanSherpa and providing real-time delivery tracking for the customer.

UrbanSherpa’s mission is to become the on demand delivery infrastructure for New Zealand and beyond. By connecting retailers and shoppers with a simple, fast and cost-effective delivery service, we provide value to consumers and businesses alike.

Whether you’re a business wanting to get ahead, or a shopper that doesn’t want want to wait, UrbanSherpa offers you your city, on demand.




How does UrbanSherpa work?

The UrbanSherpa experience is simple – just register on our website or mobile app and tell us what you want picked up and delivered and when. As long as it’s within our service area and we can carry it, then it’s all good. Enter your credit card details and you’re done – an UrbanSherpa will be dispatched immediately to pick up your order and deliver it to you within an hour. We can even pay for it on your behalf and charge it to your account. And of course, you don’t get charged until you’ve confirmed delivery. All for a flat fee of $12, 8am to 9pm any day of the week.


All your favourite stores, on demand



With UrbanSherpa, you have the flexibility to shop anywhere within our service area and get delivery within an hour. And for our ever increasing range of merchant partners, you can book delivery directly through their websites in a flash, and some will even cover part of the delivery fee for you.

Whether you need your lunch delivered, your dry cleaning picked up, or even your child’s forgotten sports gear delivered, there’s an UrbanSherpa on hand to help you out.

Product overview

UrbanSherpa operates on a simple, flat fee-based model for delivery. We currently charge $12 for any delivery within our service area, 8am to 9pm any day of the week. Our UrbanSherpas use a range of transportation to deliver orders, including bikes (standard and heavy-load capable), cars and vans. UrbanSherpas are employed as contractors, enabling us to build an on demand delivery workforce without the burden of inflexible employment agreements.

We can deliver almost anything within our service area within an hour. The only things we can’t deliver are those that are illegal or otherwise restricted by law.



Our service has already been used for a wide variety of deliveries, including:

  • Fast food delivery
  • Grocery shopping
  • Urgent document delivery
  • Dry cleaning pickup
  • Clothes shopping
  • Hotel concierge service

And many more. Where similar services overseas have restricted themselves to the food delivery vertical, with UrbanSherpa you can have anything delivered, within reason.

UrbanSherpa does the heavy lifting for retailers and provides the on demand service today’s consumers are looking for. We also integrate directly with retail merchant e-commerce and point-of-sales systems, so our partners can provide a seamless experience. This helps us drive a high volume, high repeat business model.

Contact Information:

Rob Campbell
Brian Dewil
Christina Domecq
Peter Hodge

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