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Nov 5, 2015 4:55 PM ET

Archived: The Original HipHopChocolates: a Cool edible meditation on the nutritional intake & output of Hip Hop Culture!

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 5, 2015

The Original HipHopChocolates

I have been learning by working in the candy industry for nearly 10 years now. Teaching myself to make molds, temper chocolate and vet supplies and resources to bring my designs to life.  My intention has been to bring my unique contribution to hip hop culture into the world.  The journey hasn’t been a smooth one, but has been lovely none the less.   I am finally ready to exit the “underground” and I need your assistance to keep this dream alive! 

Hip Hop Culture is arguably the most amazing culture earth has given birth to!  After a short 40years in existence it now informs and inspires popular culture on a global level!  Chocolate truly is a reflection of the smooth, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet nature of hip hop and its people.  Not to mention the parallels between the journey of the sacred cocoa bean to bar throughout history and the Hip Hop Cultures journey from obscurity to commodity world wide.   Hip Hop Chocolates represent the most delicious aspects of a culture still emerging into maturity! 

I learned this year that there are many many large distribution outlets interested in offering my product on their Platform!   (KITSON, Urban Outfitters to name a few!) What they all wanted to see was an big improvement in the packaging and branding. 

  I am raising money to finance this next level of packaging, marketing, production costs of supplies and to cover the cost of renting a commercial kitchen to accommodate our expanding operation.  I will also be using the funds to produce a small batch of Raw/Organic turntable chocolates. Featuring special recipes containing specific super foods to enhance peak performance for artists, intellectuals and athletes in the culture. Offering Healthy candy options to the culture!

“Hip Hop Chocolate isn’t just a Candy brand, its a way of interacting with the culture and taking full responsibility for what you contribute.” 

We will be adding awesome Perks throughout the life of the campaign so stay tuned and SHARE!!

What we will use the funds for

  • Print Packaging for (5000) Turntable Gummy.
  • Make 5000 Turntable gummys
  • Pay a Graphic Designer to finalize Lollipop box and packaging.
  • Print die cut boxes for (10000) Turntable Lollipops.
  • Pay the 8 month rental fees for a commercial kitchen.
  • Launch a modest marketing campaign. Concentrating on targeting hip hop blogs, magazines, websites and Event promoters.
  • Lawyer fees associated with manufacturing contract.
  • Cover the manufacturing cost of making a run of 5000 gummys and 10000 lollipops.
  • Begin developing our Organic Super food line of Hip Hop Chocolates!

Stretch Goals Would Include:

  • Expanding our Graffiti gummy line into Vitagummys and hard candies
  • Securing Manufacturing for other Hip Hop Inspired gummys and products
  • Hip Hop Chocolate Inspired allover printed clothing
  • Self Publish my book The Physics of Hip Hop

*Each stretch milestone will be identified when the previous goal is meet. Everyone who has contributed will then be first to receive these extra perks as stretch goals are overcome!*

If you like what you see please help us SPREAD THE WORD!! #HipHopChocolates #Believeinhiphop



Contact Information:

Marcus Gray

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