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Nov 5, 2015 10:58 AM ET

Archived: The Bus Fare: A salad bus that brings you healthy ingredients – Board our bus and build your salad to go

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 5, 2015

The Bus Fare

Why The Bus Fare

The Bus Fare is not a typical food truck.  


This campaign will enable us to create the perfect self serve salad bar on a bus that “comes to you.” With the proceeds we will purchase and retrofit a vintage bus and travel to local businesses, schools and public areas where healthy food options are not readily available.

The magnitude of your contribution will be great. Together we will increase health in our society by helping people:

  • make better food choices
  • save time
  • increase productivity
  • enjoy more time to rest and rejuvenate

The Bus Fare also will collaborate with local schools to teach children about nutrition and how to make good food choices. 

Who We Are

We are Angela Martin and Erica Jordan, both moms, both successful entrepreneurs, both with the desire to make an impact. We are excited to do something that we love and believe in, and that is beneficial for our families and community.

Angela brings passion, a health education background and years of experience in nutrition consulting and wellness coaching. She is certified by Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York. 

“I am passionate about healthy living and eating. I am a health and wellness coach and support individuals and families to create a healthier lifestyle that is achievable and sustainable. Witnessing the people I support as they achieve or exceed their health goals is something that brings me true joy and purpose. In addition, I love teaching people that whole, fresh food can be tasty and satisfying.”         – Angela

Erica brings finance and accounting knowledge, and years of hospitality experience. She has worked with many non-profits locally and internationally to create sustainability and increase impact for social good. Erica is a candidate to receive her MBA from Dominican University of California in 2015. 

“I am excited to create a business that is mission-driven and fills a need in our community. The Bus Fare is innovative and fun, and has the power to change lives for the better, and that is something I want to be a part of.” – Erica

Where The Money Goes

The most important thing we need to start serving customers: The Bus.

  1. Bus purchase (used): $14-16,000 
  2. Retrofit bus: $10-12,000
  • remove seats
  • fabricate mobile kitchen
  • purchase refrigeration units
If we do not meet our campaign goal, all funds that are raised will go toward the bus purchase. We will pursue additional debt or equity financing, in order to make our dream a reality.

The Impact

Your contribution will create impact that is both local and global. By facilitating better food choices, you will become a part of the solution to the health crisis in this country. Local, organic food sourcing is better for the environment and ensures food diversity. Also, since The Bus Fare “comes to you”, you will be supporting fewer cars on the road during the lunch hour and more time for rest and rejuvenation!

In It For The Long Haul

The statistics for small business success are low, and food service in general carries its own unique risks, so we have to be able to find the right marketing mix and deliver on our promise of health from day one.

We have been diligent in our research and we are clear about the bus ride ahead. We are prepared to meet challenges with determination and resiliency.

Help us fuel up and hit the road! 


Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to contribute but want to see The Bus Fare become a reality then please like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/busfaremarin and don’t forgot to use to the Indiegogo share tools to tell your friends about us!

Contact Information:

Angela Martin
Erica Jordan

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