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Nov 4, 2015 7:07 AM ET

Archived: Support Moballise – a self-help guide: to bring a vital and important resource to people whose lives are dictated by aches and pains

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 4, 2015

Support Moballise – a self-help guide


Beyond fitness levels many people are severely limited in their mobility, either specifically in certain joints or in overall ability to move around, because of reversible factors. Many people could actually feel younger than they currently do.

As age increases our body gradually tightens up, affecting our movement ability and overall quality of life. The gradual loss of this movement ability over the course of a lifetime can have very profound effects on the quality of life of the individual. The accompanying aches and pains can lead to a more insular and isolated existence.

There are many books that will show people how to become more active. There are only a few that focus on undoing the effects of all that activity. There are even fewer that are aimed towards people of middle or older age.

As yet, no books exist that cover all three in a format that is easily accessible for the reader whilst encouraging both learning and independence of assessment and treatment.

Please support this project to bring a vital and important resource to people whose lives are dictated by aches and pains.

This book will allow the reader to successfully self-monitor and manage these aches and pains, greatly improving their quality of life.


The book guides the reader firstly through the background knowledge of how the body gradually tightens up throughout life to result in what many of us accept as old age. It explains some of the assumptions that we make about old age and how our common perceptions of what we can expect from our bodies leads to us gradually becoming ‘old’. In fact, many of the changes that we attribute to ageing are under our control and we can limit, or even reduce, the effects that they have on our quality of life.

The reader is then taken through a thorough assessment of their body in order to identify which structures are likely to be causing the aches, pains and perceived early onset of ageing.

Finally, the book teaches the reader how to self-treat their bodies within normal daily activities in order to maintain their function and improve their quality of life without taking time out of their day.

I hope this book will help individuals to understand, assess and self-treat their ongoing mobility in order to maintain and improve their quality of life.


  • The book format will be: a self help styled book aimed at people of all ages and levels of knowledge. It will comprise 300 pages printed in A5 size paperback printed on FSC and/or recycled paper.
  • The book will be available to order online, by anyone interested, at a cost of £9.99 from November.
  • I aim to use this book as a vehicle to spread the word, alongside seminars and workshops, that our bodies can function much better and in a more pain free way if we just give them a little more tender loving care each day.
  • I plan to visit schools, colleges, universities and businesses in order to help people from all walks of life to manage their own body more effectively, improving their quality of life from adolescence through to old age.
  • I am inviting financial pledges (min. £10, max. £10,000) from interested backers to raise £10,000.

The raised funds will be used to:

  • fund the design, editing, publishing and production of the book, ebook, bookmarks, personalised labels and gift sets
  • continue the development, prototyping, patenting and production of up to four planned ancillary products that will be used to self-assess and self-treat along with the book
  • create a website where the book and associated products will be made available for sale to the general public in all countries

Risks and challenges

Risk: That unexpected cost arises during the book production process. 
Solution: As well as sourcing funding through this site, I will also be self funding this project. Any unexpected costs will be met from my own funds..

Risk: That deadlines will be missed. 
Solution: I believe that a realistic timeline has been established for all stages of this project. The only problem areas may be the design and production of the associated products, which are still in the early stages of development. There are no foreseeable reasons why the book should be delayed, though. All supporters of this project will, of course, be kept informed of any changes to deadlines along with regular progress updates.

The book is already completed and is currently being proofread, edited and formatted for print production. The first print run will be for 1,000 copies. Unforeseen delays in printing and shipping are always a possibility. I believe that the current lead time of four months is more than sufficient, though.

To mitigate the risks and some of the costs associated with editing, laying out and producing an ebook, I plan to use a combination of do-it-yourself tools with do-it-for-you services from ebook service providers.

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