Nov 4, 2015 8:44 AM ET

Archived: Proactive Immune Sciences: cryogenic storage of blood products or “Immune Cell Banking”

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Proactive Immune Sciences

  • First Market MoverThere are currently no other companies in North America offering this new product.
  • Unmet medical need – There is no other source for individuals of personalized, diverse, healthy and unimpaired mature immune cells.
  • Experienced management team – The core management team brings together the cell banking expertise & experience, scientific know-how and marketing and financial leadership to rapidly execute on Proactive’s business plan
  • Protocols for processing and storing immune cells and information management – Proactive will be developing its own processes for separating, freezing and storing immune cells using established protocols that have been proven to be safe.
  • Accessibility and ease of doing business – Customers can complete their transaction on-line, with telephone support if necessary.
  • Pricing – Prices have been set to be attractive to the target audience and competitive with other forms of cellular banking services.


Cryogenic storage of blood products or “Immune Cell Banking”. Healthy immune cells can be isolated from blood and indefinitely cryopreserved for potential use in personalized immune therapies to combat cancers and other immune and age related diseases.

Contact Information:

Jeff Schulz
Jeff Charpentier
Robert Holt
Ernest Stacey

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