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Nov 4, 2015 12:46 PM ET

Hot Flash! The WebSeries!: a planned 10-episode dramedy web-series

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 4, 2015

Hot Flash! The WebSeries!


THE WHAT Hot Flash! is a planned 10-episode dramedy web-series featuring two down-on-their-luck producers and an unemployed forty-something actress all in need of a hit; the three band together to cash in on Hollywood’s current “support women over forty!” hand-wringing by staging an absurd off-off-off-off-Broadway musical featuring pre-menopausal superhero, Hot Flash! In the musical, Hot Flash! (the exclamation point matters) and her trusty twenty-something male sidekick Mood Swing fight the forces of anti-love evil, aka Icy Cold, a slinky, sassy young villain who will stop at nothing to make sure Valentine’s Day 2016 doesn’t happen.

THE HOW  Ovation, an independent TV and digital media company dedicated to “Art Everywhere” and crowdfunding rock star RocketHub have flung open the doors of their joint venture, Creative Studio, to let in the wild herds of independent producers! They’re offering three indie projects the opportunity to earn $5000 in extra funding AND will feature the lucky-ducks on a crowdfunding special to air on OvationTV. This is HUGE for those of us working as micro-budget writers and producers, constantly hitting the brick wall of funding. More money! Potential national exposure! The chance to show off our amazing cast and crew! Hot Flash!has already made it through the first round of competition, and now we’re after a win! With OvationTV, RocketHub, Creative Studio, and our Fuelers’ help we plan to shoot a twenty minute pilot episode, directed and produced by Jess (Going to Tahiti Productions) and written and produced by Terri (The Writer, ink), then use that pilot episode as a launching pad to shoot an additional nine episodes to complete season one. Your Rocket Fuel will go towards the usual makin’ stuff expenses such as paying cast and crew, feeding and watering cast and crew, equipment rental, locations, and the like. BUT! This time around your contributions will also go towards – WE ARE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS – superhero costume creation. Hot Flash! Mood Swing, and Icy Cold all need snazzy outfits to wear while saving the day and doing those villainous deeds, and costume designers don’t come cheap (well, some do, but who wants cheap crime-fighting duds? You can’t fight crime with your threads all coming loose). Crime-fighting in the buff is uncomfortable for reasons WE TRUST ARE OBVIOUS and will also give us an R rating, so help us put some clothes on these characters, will ya? 

The pilot episode will take us through the musical’s rapid, raucous start-up as panicked movie producer/director Corey Callahan and anxious, introverted screenwriter Xander Fontineau attempt to beat back bankruptcy — and Corey moving in with his mother — by launching their hail-Mary pass, Hot Flash! Corey’s irritable, 40-something, ex-wife Annie Panda reluctantly agrees to play the lead; she figures it beats doing another ad for “women problems.” Eager beaver young actor Jamie Wand, recently in NYC by way of Idaho, jumps into the Mood Swing role with both feet, naively believing this will be Super! Fun! and his break-out role (Needless to say, he hasn’t spent much time around pre-menopausal women.) Xavier’s been nursing a secret crush on Annie for years; he devotes most of his time to writing and rewriting heartfelt dialogue for her, most of it terrible. Corey smells impending doom, drinks Maalox, and wonders if he and Annie can get through this without killing each other — or falling in love again. Through the pilot and beyond the comedy will take a humorous look at Hollywood, relationships, theater, superhero culture and, most of all, what it means to be an aging woman in America today. 

When our previous project, Farm Story, wrapped in the fall of last year we started brainstorming a new project right away, but couldn’t settle on anything that felt right. Farm Story had consumed us for well over a year; we wanted something as engaging as it but maybe not QUITE as big as an hour-long dramatic television pilot filmed over twelve days on location in NYC and Virginia. A short while later Terri came up with the Hot Flash! idea while people-watching at the Austin Film Festival, and we knew pretty much immediately it was the one we were going to run with. We like to work hard, we like to have fun, and we like to make a larger societal point without preaching. That producing a show will have us working hard is a given; a pre-menopausal Superhero named Hot Flash! provides built-in fun. And, as two over-forty women in the business, we’re looking forward to poking fun at Hollywood and its sudden obsession with how they’ve done women – and older women in particular – wrong over the years while at the same telling the kind of story we’re committed to telling, that of a strong older woman defining herself in a culture that would rather she believe her worth and age are the same thing.

We come with a ready-made cast and crew from our last project: three lead actors, a Director of Photography, and a Sound Supervisor, an established group of talented, amazing individuals who absolutely killed it on Farm Story and who, like us, are raring to go with Hot Flash! We just need the funds.

Contact Information:

Jessica Ammirati
Terri Viani

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