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Nov 3, 2015 11:11 AM ET

Archived: Solar Wholesaler: Canada’s only fully functional web store for solar wholesale.

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 3, 2015

We also offer a fully stocked showroom with full demo boards, and a 12-person training room for retail and industrial customers. We make purchasing for our retail and industrial clients easier than ever before with our open source kits and training materials.

Solar Wholesaler is the Apple of the solar industry. We have doubled our revenue each of the 3 years we have been in businesses, and are set to do the same heading into year 4. We are expanding rapidly across North America and get asked roughly once a month about franchising.

Read on to find out more about Solar Wholesaler, and make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile for full funding details!


There are a couple main problems that continue plague the solar industry.

First, solar is still a relatively mysterious space. People aren’t sure where to buy the products they need or how to use them.

Second, our industry does not have enough qualified staff to properly service retail and industrial customer’s needs.

So, What Are We Doing About It?

Demystifying Solar
We offer full kits online at solarwholesaler.ca to make purchasing easier and we also offer training to our staff and customers in our 12-person training room. We intend to continue to take the mystery out of solar by:

Proper Training
The Solar Wholesaler staff are some of the most experienced off-grid and grid-tie solar professionals in Canada. Solar education is our primary concern for both our staff and our customers.

We train our customers in person in our showroom. Once you leave the showroom, our open source training videos, tech support, diagrams, etc will provide ongoing support and training.

Buy-In Kits
Where most solar distributors only carry the basic components, Solar Wholesaler offers a very comprehensive list of products that allow people to fully complete their solar kits. Our buy-in kits and corresponding support ensure our customers always know how the parts they are buying work together and how to install them in an efficient and simplified way.

All told, we sale about 500 different solar products from our webstore. Kits offer a cheaper and demystified purchasing solution for our clients. Instead of cobbling together the necessary pieces, Solar Wholesaler offers a one-stop solar shop at wholesale prices.


Since inception, we have also focused on created several of our own brands which are making their way across Canada, and eventually, the world.

Ampower Battery

Batteries, battery accessories, & battery enclosures.

2015 sales: $200-250K


Branded inverters from small to medium size.

2015 sales: $120-150K

Xterra Solar

Solar panels of all sizes for grid-tie, off-grid, and oil and gas class 1, division 2 applications.

2015 sales: $175-200K

PowerCan Energy

A much larger kitted remote power solution. The kit arrives in a 10’, 20’, or 40’ sea container and utilize solar, wind, and generator power as a hybrid system offeringmedium to large remote power solutions anywhere on the globe.

Sales projection: quoted at $5M

Uses: Haiti housing project


Solar Wholesaler now employs staff that offers over 60 years of combined technical sales experience under one roof both for grid-tie and off-grid applications. Our storefront and training room is the only one of its kind in Canada. Solar Wholesaler strives to continue to take the mystery out of solar for our clients and offer the most comprehensive customer service and training available in Canada.

This vision has led us to doubling our yearly revenue every year we’ve been in business.

We are set to over double again next year.

Our customer base grows daily. Because we service end users as well as repeat customers, we have 1000s of customer email addresses and contact details. Our customers come from all over Canada, and we’re starting to gain traction in the US and global scale as well.

We have also applied to become a Tesla Powerwall distributor and will soon be getting one installed outside our building. This will further establish Solar Wholesaler as a leader in renewable energy solutions.

Up next: We hope to obtain funding which will allow us to double in size year over year for the next 3-4 years and move our PowerCan division to new levels.


Jonathan has always had a passion for renewable energy and the technology behind renewable energy products. He is an entrepreneur at heart, and has over 15 years of experience in the electronic and c”omputer sectors. He also has several years in web design and SEO, and most recently, has taken Solar Wholesaler from a concept to $2M annually. As President, Jonathan handles all high-level decision making and co-manages the operations and technical sales.

Mike has worked in the solar industry for over 15 years. He stared as an industrial sales rep and progressed to divisional sales manager, branch manager, country manager, and eventually business owner. He has worked for over 100 million solar distributors and is well versed in all areas of solar distribution business management and sales. In his role at Solar Wholesaler, Mike handles all day-to-day operations and technical sales.

Marko joined the Solar Wholesaler team in late 2012 while completing his degree in Finance. He quickly became a huge asset to the company by keeping our books up to date, preparing financials for different apps as needed, and budgeting for the company.

25 years of solar distribution, installation, and technical sales experience.

5 years of solar distribution, installation, and technical sales experience.

8 years of installation and technical sales experience. Professional solar installer. NABCEP certified. Was head of the Enmax Solar program, teacher of the CSA Solar program at SAIT.

COO at Tarpon Energy Services. Owner of multimillion dollar generator sales and leasing company.

Contact Information:

Mike Mcfadden
Marko Rakic
Bruce Woodcock
Kurt Kukinnen
Richard wilton
Greg Young

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