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Nov 3, 2015 11:50 AM ET

Archived: Green Tea & Mint Cookies: Let’s Eat Green Tea & Mint Cookies! – We are a ShoShoRai Cookie Factory making a Delicious Luxury Cookie that is made of 100% Japanese Green Tea

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 3, 2015

Green Tea & Mint Cookies

Hi World!  We are ShoShoRai Cookie Factory & Small Business.  Our tiny business started in our kitchen and now we are looking to Expand!


What’s a ShoShoRai Cookie?


A ShoShoRai Cookie is a Delicious Luxury Cookie that is made of 100% Japanese Green Tea.  It is a very Thin, Crunchy, and Crispy Cookie.   It consists of a special 2nd Layer made of our custom mint cream.  The cookie is a Gluten-Free product and a Great source of Antioxidants.


Currently our tiny business needs more packaging, equipment, and supplies to bring you our Delicious Luxury Cookies! 

We are very excited to share our treat with many people.  We want to spread the joy of our special treat because thats what we do.  That is what is important to us, bringing happiness into the world through cookies.  ShoShoRai Cookies.



What’s the Funding For?

Supporters!  You can help by taking us to the next level!  With your Support
we can buy:

– much needed Packaging.  Our boxes need special diecasts for cutting our custom  packaging.


– improved custom bake pans to speed up production of our cookies.


– extra Ovens to increase our baking capacity.


– high quality ingredients.


– other misc. kitchen equipment.


– employee salary and operating costs.


– larger kitchen rental space.

Because our pans are custom made they are very expensive.  Each pan is made up of two parts with custom components.   The amount of money we raise will determine how far we can Expand our business.  If we raise enough we may also be able to increase the number of our working staff so that we can offer more diverse
cookie types.

So Far We Have Completed:

  • A Concise and Finished  Custom Recipe.

  • The Finished Packaging for our Cookies.
    (Part of our Package is Pat. Pending) 

  • Sourced our Ingredients from suppliers that already
    have products in the market.

  • Our website layout design.

Other Ways You Can Help


 – Please share our Campaign with those who you think may be
interested in our Delicious Luxury Cookies.

– Please connect and Introduce us to more people who have
passion for great tea and cookies.

We very much appreciate all of your support in any form.

Thank you So Much for Visiting our Campaign!

Contact Information:


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