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Nov 2, 2015 11:12 EST

The King and All The Kings Men, Inc. dba Spinning Promotions: A Patented Motion Advertising Display that is a 3 sided spinning display

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 2, 2015

The King and All The Kings Men, Inc. dba Spinning Promotions

The King and All The Kings Men, Inc. dba Spinning Promotions



Spinning Promotions is a Patented Motion Advertising Display. Spinning Promotions is a 3 sided spinning display that is either mounted on the top of a taxi/automobile, on the back of a truck, or on top of an endcap in a retail store. Spinning Promotions is successful because the unit is constantly moving and it catches the attention of just about everyone in viewing distance.

No one can resist looking at these unique Spinning Promotions units.

Today Spinning Promotions Billboard truck is a new and the most creative outdoor advertising medium on the streets. We tell clients it is like having a refrigerator on the back of a truck that spins. What is funny is that the unit is larger than a refrigerator and is stunning! There is not a single person that does not look and point at the truck. Each face is seen twice every minute and in 1 week each face is seen over 10,000 times. At night the truck has 600 watts of light power that makes it GLOW at night. Each face is 6′ high by 4.5′ wide and each truck has 3 faces. We rent each face on a weekly bases and each truck brings in about $8000 profit per month – after all expenses.

The competition is Taxi Tops – Each top is between $150 and $280 per 4 weeks and no campaign is less than 50 taxi’s. In NY the minimum is 200 taxi’s per campaign. So a campaign in Boston costs is $8000 plus the cost of the graphics. In NY the campaign costs over $50,000 for 4 weeks. The success of a taxi top is questionable!

A billboard on the Mass pike in Boston cost $13,000 per month, and in a small town the cost is about $4000 plus the cost of the billboard.

The cost for a complete truck, all 3 sides on Spinning Promotions for a month is $12,000 before discounts, and the return on investment on the spinning promotions truck is HUGE. The truck goes all over town and EVERYONE SEES IT! The Spinning Promotions truck has a 360 degree viewing radius, so unlike a taxi, you can see this message day and night and from all angles!

This truck is amazing and has no competition and the ROI is HUGE! We have great demand and have to build 1 truck per week but this will take $250,000 to get to our goal.

We are looking for a few good investors that want to jump on board this Patented advertising solution and will receive 10% for their investment per year.

Thank you for considering us as your next investment.

David King

Commander of Results


Contact Information:

David King

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