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Nov 2, 2015 11:39 AM ET

Archived: Flow Dating App: Talk and chat anonymously for FREE with all your matches and use advanced calling features in a way you will not find anywhere else

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 2, 2015

Flow Dating App


Talk and chat anonymously for FREE with all your matches and use advanced calling features in a way you will not find anywhere else. Leave voice messages if the person you are calling is busy and hear the voice of the person that is interested in you. Increase your chances of a reply by leaving a voice message over a chat message.

Flow brings the real world to online dating by helping you meet people anywhere. It provides you with the ability to add people you meet on the street that are not a member of Flow to your matches, then you can talk or chat with them after with the same level of comfort and anonymity you would have if you met them online.

Create your own matches and maintain your anonymity with people you meet in person. No more giving your number out to strangers! That is a thing of the past. Take it one step further and use Flow to talk anonymously with people you met on other dating apps and websites that do not offer anonymous calling – just give them your match number and have them download the app for free. It’s that simple.

Want to set someone up with your friend? Now all you need is their match number to give to your friend that you think would be perfect. Your friend will download the free app, put in the match number and will be able to see pictures of the person you want to set them up with and read their profile. If interested, they swipe to send a match request and once a match is made they can chat and talk anonymously through the app. No more blind dates!

Try Flow for free today and discover a better way to meet people.

What makes this app so unique

  • What makes our app unique is our incorporated VOIP calling technology that provides singles with an easy way to talk to their new matches without revealing their personal telephone number. We also offer advanced voice messaging and call screening which is not found in the dating market.
  • Another thing that separates our app from the others is a our unque match number system. With this system we literally bring the real world to online dating in a manner that is not available in the industry. Al the dating apps in the market allow their members to search and communicate with members in their respective networks only. We will be the only app which breaks through this barrier and provides singles with an opportunity to add and communicate anonymously with people they meet in person whether they are in the Flow network or not.

Why we need your support

  • Develop the IOS version
  • Develop Event phone manager cross platform
  • Soft launch – select cities
Contact Information:

Wayne Candlish

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