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Oct 30, 2015 2:20 PM ET

Archived: THE NEW ALBUM – LUSO BAIÃO: with new features, various different influences through the Fórro world, coco and maracatu found in the origins of the Brazilian traditional music

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 30, 2015


This year, Luso Baião goes in studio to record their new album, featuring 12 tracks, this new project goes beyond the band’s own written songs and they re-interpret songs from huge names within the Brazilian music culture, Alceu Valença and BNegão and from the Portuguese culture, names such Rão Kyao and Sergio Godinho. This new cd is filled with new features, various different influences through the Fórro world, coco and maracatu found in the origins of the Brazilian traditional music, not leaving behind the subtle touch of Portuguese music which has followed the band since the beginning. People who know us also know that great things are coming, whoever those who still don’t know us will have the fantastic chance to appreciate this beautiful work always made with good energies and a great sound to our ears. We believe that if we dream together our dream becomes possible and for this work to come alive we need your collaboration for this cd and its distribution.

Luso Baiao is a Music band born from a fusion of influences between 2 countries.

The group formed by Brazilian and Portuguese musicians, appeared in the city of Lisbon on March 2013 with a goal of giving primacy to the music heritage between Portugal and Brazil. 

Famous names within the Brazilian music such as Luiz Gonzaga, Dominguinhos, Jackson do Pandeiro, Gilberto Gil are huge influences for Luso Baião, although re-interpretations of Portuguese musicians such Sergio Godinho, Rão Kyao are also quite present in the bands lineups.

In its songs, Luso Baiao give their own personal touch, merged by the rhythms of Forró, Xote, Xaxado, Arrasta-pé and Baião. These rhythms are a perfect match of Fado and Maracatu, with some touches of Reggae, rock, samba and côco.

Luso Baião is formed by Cícero Mateus (vocal and guitar) Betinho Mateus (vocals, triangle and percussion) Enrique Matos (zabumba and Choir), Pedro Guimarães (guitar) Everton Coroné (accordion and choir).

In less than 2 years of history, Luso Baião has already launched its first EP with 6 tracks and has already collected a participation in various Forró festivals in Europe and Brazil, the biggest one being Andanças, a festival where Forró is growing noticeably.

The Band has participated on the FENFIT (National Fórro festival in Itaunás/Brazil)- where this quintet obtained a 4th place merit with their song “Cheira Bem” and was the first international band to participate in this big event.

Throughout Europe, the band have presented them self in Frankfurt, Hannover, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Lille and Paris. 

In Brazil, they have played in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Bertioga and Itaúnas.


Enrique Matos was born in Conceição do Mato Dentro, a city from the country side of Minas Gerais, and since his childhood Luiz Gonzaga’s music and other artists like Trio Nordestino, Jackson do Pandeiro, Marinês and others part of his musical memories. Influenced by forró rhythms like: Xote, Xaxado, Baião, Arrasta-Pé and also Congado, a very strong heritage lived by his grandfather Zé da Guiomar. Enrique’s passion for dance was born since very young and so he started to have dance classes in “Usina do Forró” with the teacher Moacir Paula. By not want to limit himself to only one dance style and improve his know-how, he did classes with Forró teachers like, Hugo Silva, Victor Maykmer, Marinho Braz, Evandro Paz, Ardyson Carvalho, Marquinhos do Forró, Valmir Coelho e César Neves. It’s been 15 years of research and dedication to this great passion and creating a large colletion of Forró CDs, DVDs and LPs. Enrique’s is known to be a pioneer in bringing Forró Vynil Parties to Europe. Nowadays, he lives in Lisbon where he develops his project – Projecto Forró de Lampião – founded on January 17 2010 and is responsible for bringing Forró to the greatest Lisbon dance floors like A Voz do Operário, Santiago Alquimista, Caixa Económica, Teatro do Bairro, CineTeatro a Barraca, Mercado da Ribeira and much others. He also promotes weekly dances like Forró da Liberdade in one of the most famous and glamorous Portuguese avenues – Avenida da Liberdade, for manys “the best forró outdoor of the world” due his big tourist influence and Forró de Quarta, all Wednesday in CineTeatro A Barraca. Projecto Forró de Lampião in responsible for organize for the Baião in Lisboa Festival, the event that, in 2015, will reach it’s fifth edition.

In the last year, it brought to Lisbon, groups of over 20 different nationalities just to participate in the program. The festival offers a vast range of varied activities transversal to multiple music and dance universe, being among them, dance classes, percussion (zabumba, triangle, tambourine), screening of documentaries, live concerts, handicraft, relaxation classes, yoga, maracatu, “Côco de roda” among other Brazilian cultural movements. In March 2013, the will to develop more deeply the musical aspect, gave birth to the project “Luso Baião”, a project wich in less than two years of history, already gathers the presence in varied European and Brazilian festivals, being the biggest of them the “Andanças”,  a festival where the “Forró” is making its mark in a very notable way. The group also participated in the FENFIT (“Festival Nacional de Forró-Itaunas/Brasil) where the quintet got a worthy 4th place with the song “Cheira Bem” and crowned the first international band to participate in the event. In its first European Tour the group was present in Frankfurt, Hannover, Berlin, Munich and Paris. In Brazil they climbed on stage in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Bertioga and Itaúnas. At the present momentthe band is preparing their second European Tour, for the launch of its first videoclip (“Cheira Bem” – EP “Um Baião em Lisboa”) and their second album. The “Projecto Forró de Lampião”,almost six years after its foundation, it will debut early September 2015 its first headquarter, a dance school and a cultural center, the “Espaço Baião

Contact Information:

Enrique Matos

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