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Oct 30, 2015 10:03 AM ET

Archived: Love Your Birth book: to change the way we talk about birth

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 30, 2015

Love Your Birth book

The story of the project

Love Your Birth is here to change the way we talk about birth. We’re often led to believe that birth is a painful experience that we just need to ‘get through’ any way we can in order to birth a healthy baby. But what if you heard that birth could be joyful? Empowering? Pleasurable? Would it make you plan for your birthing day differently?

Love Your Birth positive birth stories book
Recent research has shown that if a woman is exposed to just ONE positive birth story it changes her outlook on birth and she actively questions her birthing options and seeks out a better birth experience. This leads to better birth and post natal outcomes for both mother and baby.

Love Your Birth positive birth stories book
The stories collected for this book showcase a range of births including natural hospital deliveries, home births, water births and caesareans. The women who have graciously shared their personal experiences are everyday women – just like you. Each birth has been photographed by a professional photographer, allowing an intimate peek into real, normal (but always amazing) birth.

Love Your Birth positive birth stories book
Love Your Birth is a book for yourself, for your sister, for your friend, and every woman who deserves a beautiful birthing experience.

About the book

Love Your Birth is a coffee table style book printed on high quality paper to ensure the images are showcased beautifully. While you will want a copy for yourself, it’s also perfect for gift giving and would make a thoughtful baby shower gift. 

The details:
– 29 empowering, positive birth stories
– spanning 265 pages
– 8×8 inch soft cover coffee table book style (stretch goal of an additional $1000 will allow me to print Love Your Birth as a hard cover book)

Love Your Birth positive birth stories bookLove Your Birth positive birth stories book
Love Your Birth birth stories book
Love Your Birth birth stories book
Love Your Birth birth stories bookEach pledge of support receives a bonus printable set of affirmation cards so you can print your own cards to use during your preparation for birth, as a decoration for your birthing space or print and gift to a friend.Love Your Birth affirmation cards
Purchase our Book Bundle reward and receive one copy of Love Your Birth plus Stalk Talk: Delivering Strategies for Your Ideal Birth by Cheryl Sheriff, doula. A must read for any mum-to-be preparing for a hospital birth. Read more about the book below…

Whatever your questions, this book will provide you with the tools and strategies to prepare well, birth positively in hospital and move into parenting more easily. Using birth stories from other couples combined with valuable, evidence-based information, Stork Talk helps you understand the emotional, physical, psychological and cultural impact of the challenges you can expect to face. After reading this book you will have more direction, and feel confident, excited and less daunted by the experiences to come.

Stork Talk examines:
• hospital trends and how becoming informed will assist you in creating your ideal birth
• how to choose care providers that meet your needs and identify the right support team for you
• what type of birth is best for you and your baby
• how to prepare for the intensity of labour and manage pain
• steps to prepare for – and enjoy – the chaos of living with your newborn
• ways partners can get involved and how the four trimesters look from a dad’s perspective.
Stalk Talk

How the funds will be used

The book has been designed and is ready to send to the printers. I need your help to raise enough funds to cover the cost of printing the minimum required amount of books. To create such a beautiful book, it was essential I source offshore printing to maintain the highest level of quality. All design costs have already been taken care of, so the total campaign amount consists of:

– $12,000 (AUD) for printing a run of 1,500 soft cover, full colour books
– $1,500 for our proof book (required for printing)
– $1,500 for book publishing administration and customs clearance
– $1,800 fees

Production schedule

The print run will take place approximately one month after my Pozible project is funded to allow for the proof book to be created and sent to the printers. I expect to take delivery of the books within 3 months so am allowing for orders to be sent in late March 2016.
Contact Information:

Lana Bell

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