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Oct 30, 2015 12:03 PM ET

Klädoteket – Fashion Library: Join our movement

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 30, 2015

Klädoteket – Fashion Library

Our Business

We want to create a place where people can gather around sustainable fashion in many different ways and challenge the fashion industry! Klädoteket is a FASHION LIBRARY where you can lease clothes & accessories instead of buying them. This library is an alternative to excessive consumption. We want to inspire people with fashion and show them that it is possible to be both fashionable and environmentally friendly. In order to be able to offer a unique assortment to our customers we offer a mix of vintage and new items from designer collaborations. As we focus on environmentally friendly design and products, the designers share these values. The designer gets an opportunity to market his/her brand and design through our store.

We are also creating a showroom where we will exhibit our new designer collaborations, and organize a venue around the collection. This is also a place for workshops and other events with focus on sustainable fashion.

Furthermore we want to develop a small production studio where creative people can rent a work spot. As we believe in taking care of recourses that already exist we want to encourage and develop a system for redesign. We also want to connect the production studio with the Fashion Library.

Problems we are solving

We are facing great challenges, as this is a new way of looking at fashion and consumption. We want to change the fashion industry and spread knowledge about a sustainable way of consuming fashion. This enables people to gather around and experience different services that focus on sustainable fashion. The rental service that we offer in the Fashion Library gives the customer access instead of ownership. It takes time to change peoples’ minds and behaviour. This is a great platform to take the first step and try out a new business model. It is also a challenge to find systems that can take care of all the recourses that already exist, and create redesign that works as a complement to new collections.


Through our platform we can affect both designers that we collaborate with to produce in a more sustainable way, and also give our customers an alternative to mass consumption. If we look at it from a bigger perspective we can also contribute to a new sustainable business model and challenge companies within the fashion field.


What we will use the money for

  • Develop a digital renting system for the fashion library

  • Purchase sustainable collections

  • Develop a strong platform to promote designers

  • Create events to spread knowledge about sustainable fashion

  • Purchase sewing machines

  • Develop the production studio and repair/remake system

Together with collaborations such as business developers, researchers, PR companies and designers we have great support and coaching. We also need financial support to be able to develop a strong platform to start this journey. Invest in our movement, and together with us make it possible to take sustainable fashion to the next level. This is Fashion Revolution!

Contact Information:

Louise Eriksson

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