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Oct 30, 2015 5:57 PM ET

Duothirst – Two Drinks In One Bottle: The World’s First Single Nozzled Sports Bottle That Can Hold Two Drinks Simultaneously

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 30, 2015

Duothirst – Two Drinks In One Bottle

Duothirst is a new versatile way to stay hydrated like never before. The innovative design allows you to maintain convenience during your workout also. 

Duothirst is the world’s first single nozzled sports bottle that can hold two drinks simultaneously. It is suitable for anyone who is trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle or participate in sport at any level.

“Bringing versatility and convenience to everybody’s workout”

For the past 2-3 years we have been developing a solution to a common problem experienced by many people whilst exercising; the need to carry multiple bottles with different liquids such as water, energy drinks and supplement drinks to both replenish and rehydrate. Having to carry several bottles around with you every time you workout or do any kind of exercise is inconvenient and can become a continuous hassle.

We were tired of having to put up with this whilst exercising and wanted something that presented an element of convenience to our workouts. 

Duothirst is the solution to this problem.


The Best Sports Bottle Ever?

We designed Duothirst to be more than just a water bottle. We wanted it to seamlessly fit into your fitness lifestyle and give you the flexibility and choice of what you want to drink and when you want to drink it.

Convenience is one of the core principles we designed Duothirst around. Its elegant design gives you practicality, flexibility and choice every time you use it. We truly believe that Duothirst delivers this like no other sports bottle out there. 

We wanted the user to experience a new versatile way to stay hydrated like never before. 

Duothirst is comprised of 3 main components, the lid, the identical bottle halves and the base component that holds them together. The great thing about Duothirst, and one of the bottles main features is the lid mechanism. We spent a long time designing and engineering this so that it was possible to select either of the two bottle halves through just one mouthpiece.

But we didn’t stop there; we also designed the lid mechanism so that it could access both of the bottle halves at the same time. This means that Duothirst can be used like any conventional sports bottle to drink just one liquid, but also offer the choice of a mixture of two drinks.

Duothirst holds a total capacity of 800ml (27 US fluid oz) we believe this is the perfect amount to ensure that Duothirst is not too bulky or heavy. Each bottle half therefore holds 400ml (13.5 US fluid oz). 

Duothirst is a UK designed product and will also be manufactured and assembled in the UK to ensure that quality won’t be compromised and that a premium end product will be produced. 

Bringing an element of convenience to everybody’s workout 

Duothirst allows you to stay hydrated whilst maintaining convenience. No longer do you have to carry several bottles around with you for your different drinks whilst exercising. Carry them both in your elegantly designed sleek Duothirst bottle.  

Access either compartment or both at the same time through just one mouthpiece

One of our first design requirements for Duothirst was to ensure that the bottle only had  one mouthpiece to access either of the bottle halves. We have managed this through our uniquely designed lid mechanism. We spent a long time designing and engineering the mechanism and the great thing is it’s so simple to use.

Change between drinks in seconds 

We wanted to ensure that changing between drinks was effortless, enhancing the user experience. It’s so easy to change between drinks, all you have to do is twist the top part of the lid and select which drink you want.  

Access two drinks from a single bike bottle holder

The design of Duothirst allows it to fit into all regular bike bottle holders. This then gives you the ability to access two drinks from the same bottle rack. 
We wanted to make sure that changing between drinks whilst cycling was still possible. To allow this we have designed the top of the lid so that you can bite down on the ridge and then turn the bottle with one hand to select which position you want.  

Have one, two, or a mixture of two drinks

One of the great things the lid mechanism allows you to do is access either bottle half or both at the same time. 
If you choose to have two drinks in your bottle then you can select either of those two drinks or you can choose to have a mixture of the two drinks. 
If you choose to only have one drink in both bottle halves then Duothirst will act like any other sports bottle out there letting you drink just one liquid simply turn it to the position that access both bottle halves. 
So wether you want to have one, two, or a mixture of two drinks Duothirst lets you decide. 

Lightweight, Durable and Reusable 

We have designed Duothirst so that it is a lightweight and durable product. Duothirst is also reusable and will help you to break the habit of using disposable plastic bottles which just end up being disposed of in landfill sites. 


Duothirst is a BPA (Bisphenol A) free sports bottle. We made sure this was the case to protect the health of the end user from the very beginning. What this basically means is that the materials and plastics Duothirst is made out of do not contain any of the harmful BPA chemicals. 

When designing Duothirst we had to ensure the product was leakproof. All of the Duothirst bottles will be 100% tested to ensure they are leakproof. How can we expect you to use such an amazing product if it can’t function properly!

Duothirst is easy to clean and it is dishwasher safe also. The lid has been designed so that it can be taken apart for ease of cleaning and it is really easy to put back together. 

Duothirst is a joy to hold due to the ergonomic shape and size of the bottle. It fits great in your hand and can easily be held at any point. 

Using Duothirst couldn’t be easier.

Simply fill the bottle halves with the drinks of your choice, then twist the top part of the lid to click into one of four possible positions. The first and third positions select the individual bottle halves, whilst the second and fourth positions allow access to both bottle halves at the same time.

So whether you want to have one, two, or a mixture of two drinks Duothirst lets you decide.

You can choose the Duothirst that is perfect for your taste and style. 


There are many hurdles to overcome when bringing a new innovative product to market.  We have taken every step possible, from product design through to manufacturing, to deliver a superior product without compromise. 

Our team of experienced designers know what it takes to get a product to market and, as a result, we are very confident in exactly what it is we need to do to get Duothirst into your hands as soon as we can. 

While there are always risks and challenges when introducing a new product, we have done our due diligence to perform the steps necessary to reduce and mitigate any risks.

We know we have an incredible opportunity to deliver a superior bottle which brings a new versatile way to stay hydrated like never before and we are so pleased we can include you to help us achieve this. 


Contact Information:

Alexander McKeown

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