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Oct 29, 2015 7:08 AM ET

Mysource: aims to be the leading web-based B2B platform for the creative industries, matching entrepreneurs and businesses

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 29, 2015




The Idea

“Mysource is exactly what brands like Vivienne Westwood need. There are no other platforms that compare.” Brigitte Stepputis, Head of Couture, Vivienne Westwood

Mysource aims to be the leading web-based B2B platform for the creative industries, matching entrepreneurs and businesses with the training, intelligence and connections they need to succeed – wherever they are based.  We will initially focus on fashion and textiles, expanding to incorporate homeware, product design and other related industries.  We estimate over 300 million professionals working in these sectors globally.*

Through matching professional skills to jobs, LinkedIn has become one of the world’s leading recruitment portals.

In contrast, Mysource matches professionals and businesses on the basis of their business needs, as well as the services and products they offer.  As a result we are aiming to create a powerful global sourcing portal.

As well as connections, Mysource matches users with relevant resources and training, enabling them to build more efficient and sustainable supply chains, create market targeted products and services, and grow their sales base.



1. Clever matching: Our matching algorithms build upon our 10 years of experience in the needs of fashion professionals. Users get straight to what they need – without all the searching.

2. Rewarding best practice:  We will benchmark suppliers and brands against sustainability, ethical, and quality standards, rewarding businesses with high scores, through more profile on the site and better buyer connectionsBuyers are able to make informed sourcing decisions.

3. Our Expertise: We’ve been helping our customers to tackle fashion industry challenges since 2006. We really understand their needs and we have pioneered innovative solutions to meet them.

We are aiming to create a community that will drive forward best practice from one end of the supply chain to the other.



We know that succeeding in the fashion industry is notoriously difficult. It depends on how well you understand the market, being able to get your products and services right, having reliable supply chains, and sustainable sales.

  • Supply chains are complex and risky. Building efficient supply chains is difficult for fashion businesses, large or small. The fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, and one of the most exploitative –  millions of garment workers face risk and live in poverty. There are major reputational risks for poor labour practices (illustrated by the 2013 Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1033)
  • Products are hard to get right. Markets are increasingly global and difficult to understand. Getting the right business intelligence to inform product design and strategy is costly and time consuming.
  • Connecting with the right people to buy or sell products is complicated. The market has moved online – and competition is global. The conventional tradeshow format is expensive – and less and less effective.



Mysource builds on the success of the Ethical Fashion Forum (Founded 2006) and it’s online intelligence and networking platform (Located at, launched 2012).

For over 10 years, the Ethical Fashion Forum has been building a movement in the fashion industry, now reaching200,000 professionals, businesses  and students, in 141 countries. Our current platform incorporates intelligence, training, and sourcing database. We have become one of the market leaders in trade events facilitating sustainable sourcing in the fashion industry, through our innovative online event format. With a threefold growth in our network in the last 18 months, this movement is gaining momentum, and we are ready to scale.

Mysource builds on all of our work to date, and has been developed through 2 years of  teamwork, analysis of the usage of our current services, and close consultation with our partners and global network of fashion professionals and businesses.  The functionality we are building into Mysource we believe is directly aligned with the needs of its users, and will be built in collaboration with them.



Our goal is that Mysource will become a fundamental tool for all fashion professionals,  (and other creative industries in future phases) whether or not they have any interest in sustainability – helping them to build more efficient supply chains, create market-targeted products and services, and grow their sales base.

Mysource aims to make doing better business easy, whether you are a brand, retailer, supplier, professional, or entrepreneur.

How it works:

1. Join

Sign up online. Increase your search rankings every time you visit Mysource, by ticking more boxes about what you are looking for, or what you want to promote or sell.

2. Get matched

Need to source cotton from India? Or increase your sales in Germany?  That supplier, fabric, market report, training video or business connection you were looking for will pop straight up on your dashboard, based on your profile, and the things you have said you are looking for.

3. Save time

Access a range of tools such as a Look Book app, range planning, and line sheets, supported by tutorials. Quickly present your products or services in the way buyers need to see them online.

4. Gain rewards

Mysource will rank business users according to an integrated benchmarking system including social, environmental and commercial criteria. If your business has high standards, you will get more profile on the site. As a buyer, you can make more informed sourcing decisions.

Contact Information:

Tamsin Lejeune
Tom Wahnsiedler
Mark Bell
Clare Lissaman

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