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Oct 29, 2015 8:10 EST

Lazy Bookings: Let’s end the supremacy of online booking websites/travel companies – Lets turn the tables and let hotels, airlines, car rentals bid on you!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 29, 2015

Lazy Bookings

Lazy Bookings



Help us to get better travel deals for YOU

Let’s end the supremacy of all online booking websites, airlines, hotel brands, car rentals and other major travel companies.

They let us scroll over the Internet for hours and at the end of the day we pay too much for what we get.

Let’s turn the tables and let all these companies treat us for what we are: their potential clients!

Stop wasting time and money

And stop being disappointed time after time after booking a trip.

Because you just didn’t get what you expected but payed way too much.

Let’s get in charge instead of being dependent on major companies who just want to make money and more importantly YOUR money

Let’s start using www.LazyBookings.com and get the best deals, 100% based on your criteria.



Are you tired of scrolling through hundreds of pages to find the holiday you want?

Do you feel like it’s impossible to make the right decision because there’s just too much information out there?

Do you hate booking flights and making hotel reservations because you feel you’re always paying way too much for what you’re getting?

Well, then we have good news for you.

Just tell us what kind of holiday you want or what kind of trip you like to make

And we will send you the best custom made deals, 100% based on what YOU want

And so you only have to choose between deals that match ALL of your criteria.

You do not have to waste any more time on the Internet.

Let us do the work!!

And you know what.

We will do this for you AT NO COST.

That’s right, we will not charge you a single penny.

Let me tell you briefly about lazybookings.com and how it works.

Our philosophy is that booking a trip should not have to take hours of scrolling through the internet to find the right deal that matches your criteria for the right price.

Isn’t it a little odd that you, as someone that actually wants to spend money on a holiday or trip, has to do all this hard work?

Why are you expected to be a professional travel agent yourself these days?

Ridiculous right? It just doesn’t make sense

And that’s why we created lazybookings.com

To turn the tables around

So that you don’t have to find the deal anymore that matches your criteria.

But instead of that

THAT exact deal will find you!

Hotels, Accommodations,Airlines, Car Rentals

Why should you come to them? You are the customer…

Let them come to you!

And only with the best possible offer at best price they have available

And obviously with no obligations whatsoever.

Does that sound good to you?

Well this is how it works:

On our simple one page website you will tell us what kind of holiday or trip you are looking for.

When completing this small form that will only take you a minute

Hotels, Accommodations, Airlines, Car Rentals that could include your holiday or trip are invited to bid on you.

They will bid on you, wanting you to become their customer

We will obviously not share your contact details with them, we keep them on a need to know basis.

After which we will present you all the bids that we got so you can make the best decision possible for your holiday or trip.

You will be the one in charge

And you will not be dependent on what all these travel companies tell you on their websites.

Are you not satisfied with the bids you got?

No problem

Because again, no obligations and no cost…

There is not a single risk involved.

The only risk you will have is to feel sorry for yourself you did not usewww.LazyBookings.com sooner

Contact Information:

TB Dingjan

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