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Oct 28, 2015 11:00 AM ET

The ideal app for a scary Halloween has arrived…

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 28, 2015

Get into a terrifying story where you’re the protagonist. You’ll feel the fear first hand as you’ve never imagined. “CursedApp” is a game book with awesome interactive artwork, where you could choose your destiny and choose your own adventure.

If the books ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, which caused furor among children in the eighties and nineties, are fashionable again, Imagine them on mobile devices.

Thus CursedApp has arrived, a horror game book which allows the reader/player to choose their own path, but this time technology offers the possibility to interact with the story, the protagonist can be customized with your own name and also get rich text with interactive elements thanks to the touch screen.

CursedApp is set in a psychiatric hospital as fraught with danger as many other clichés. The possibility of making the wrong move and perish will keep you on your toes in tension and it will engage you five senses during the story. A story full of ghosts, EVPs and demonic cults together with a unique soundtrack and exclusive special effects makes this app a must download.

Written and illustrated by Jordi Muñoz and developed by the company web design and advertising ESTUDIOS DWI. “I wanted to get one step further and offer horror book and movie lovers the chance to fully enter a shocking horror story”.

Such is the importance of sound which the application recommends using a headset to fully enjoy the experience.

CursedApp is available for iPhone and iPad in the Appstore and in the GooglePlay for Android devices.

Languages: English / Spanish

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Contact Information:

Jordi Muñoz
+34 93 630 00 11

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