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Oct 28, 2015 12:01 PM ET

Archived: SYC – Year 2 On The Rise: #HelpSYCHelpOthers

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 28, 2015

SYC – Year 2 On The Rise

Salam Youth Committee 

The Salam Youth Committee have been going strong for one year now! Alhamdillah! In one year time, we have managed to do amazing things. We have donated to orphanages, homeless shelters, children hospitals, and families that were in need, just to name a few. A highlight reel of what we have done so far can be found on this page. 

The Future: Year 2 On The Rise!

Inshallah, with your help, we want to do a lot of great things. The first and only fundraising dinner that we had, we managed to earn over 3 grand! Alhamdillah. As of today, we have over $800 dollars remaining from that money. The money so far have been used for projects and donations. For example, we donated $1,000 of that money that was earned at the dinner to a single mother and her family that was in need, we spent about $100 on setting up our own office, and $350 to bring a zoo to an orphanage. The money that we are trying to raise now will be helped to rejuvenate our funds so can make year 2 a more impactful year and help more people. Help SYC help others!


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Salam Youth Committee

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