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Oct 28, 2015 1:39 PM ET

Archived: Publet – Replace PDFs with intelligent webpages for B2B research marketing

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 28, 2015

Publet turns offline files into online content that delivers more leads, sales, and customer traffic. Sales and marketing teams can build interactive content that works like a webpage (not a PDF) allowing them to:

  • get more leads and visibility (200% more leads for NetApp) 
  • reach a much larger audience across SEO, social media, and mobile 
  • see data about what interests potential customers, and what content works best
  • realize payback within 3 months on average

Publet is currently serving the B2B conent needs of customers like Dell, Ogilvy, Orange Telecom, and The Economist Intelligence Unit.


Billions of dollars are spent each year to make high value B2B content that delivers research, leads and sales. In its current form, typically a PDF, this content is wasted as it does not perform well on mobile devices, social media, SEO, tracking, or optimization.

Sales and marketing teams need a way to easily produce digital content designed for the modern web at scale, and extract data from the content to improve marketing and sales.

Introducing Publet

Publet enables non-technical teams to distribute and track interactive B2B content(sales, marketing, and research materials) as HTML5 — without hiring developers. During our private beta, Publet has been multiplying our companies’ audience reach, engaged time, and number of leads/conversions by as much as 200%. You can see a sample of a comissioned ebook for NetApp by The Economist Group.

Four Steps to B2B Success

Publet generates HTML5 content, either via our online editor which allows you to input text, images, videos, etc., or converted from your current hard copies or PDFs. These interactive materials act like webpages and can be standalone or integrate with your existing site —optimized for search, social media, mobile, and tracking.

Content from your report can be parsed, extracted and sent out through any chosen social channel with trackable links on LinkedIn, Twitter,                      Facebook and Google.

Data on individual leads, audience behavior, and content performance is collected and sent to Salesforce, Marketo, or other marketing automation software to integrate into your current marketing stack. You can see which content is performing best, who’s reading it, where they’re coming from, how they discovered it, on what device they’re consuming it, and then you can decide what and who to focus on.

Our analytics identify high-performing content and distribution channels, and show what drives sales. You can even track where readers are losing attention down to the sentence, not just pages.

With Publet, you can embrace Mobilegeddon with open arms, drive sales, learn more about your audience, and start producing content for the modern age.

We help B2B clients multiply their audience reach, engagement time, and number of leads by as much as 200%. This drastically reduces upfront costs and increases your ROI.

Make better content. Get actionable data. Choose Publet.


6Sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine for enterprises. More than 80% of their leads/sales come from online channels including Cisco, Dropbox, Lenovo and others. Their 50-person firm needs to increase lead generation and give their sales team insights into prospects. They are looking for ways to scale their content marketing operations without hiring more developers/designers.

For [6Sense], the big differentiator is that people read this content today and have no good way to take another action. [With Publet], now we know what they’ve read and get them to take the next step.

Our launch with Publet went great. We want to do
all our own research using Publet.

Chris Arkenberg, Research Content Lead @ Orange Telecom

“Publet is quickly becoming the platform for us —
and the clients we introduce them to.”

Dan LaRusso @ Ogilvy

“We’re huge fans of Publet at Contently. Publet solves a massive problem for our clients to create compelling digital publications. We see huge potential for Publet to change how brands create digital content.”

Sam Slaughter, VP of Content @ Contently


Publet is currently in a private Beta. We have 7 accounts actively using Publet generating $61,500 in annual recurring revenue. Our Beta participants:


Dell, Ogilvy, Orange Telecom, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Drake Cooper, Akido Labs

We also have a number of other companies ready to start pilot programs.



Deloitte, DuPoint, VentureBeat, Interana, Encourage Capital, Vulcan, GE, Stanford University, Sullivan, Schmidt Ocean Institute, SJR, Cloudti, 6Sense

We’ve already raised $251,000 of our current funding round from notable investors like Thomas Korte, AngelPad, Alan Braverman, TopFloor Capital, CLI Ventures, Robbie Schingler, and Prashant Samant.

You can read more about us in Mattermark and VentureBeat.


Up next: Launch our go-to-market strategy which includes selling to industry leaders, influencers, and high-growth B2B companies in the tech sector, and expanding into adjacent markets such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, and research. In 2016, we will build out our integration with Marketo and Salesforce, expand our sales and marketing teams, and release our self-serve platform.

The replacement of PDFs for long-form content on the modern web is inevitable, and we are at the start of an enormous shift. Please see the Business Plan tab of this profile to see how you can get involved in this exciting future.


Our founding team of engineers, marketers and journalists launched Publet in 2014 with a simple question in mind: “How could we enable anyone to create the most powerful long-form content on the web without teams of coders or designers?”

We transitioned from the CNN and Scientific American newsrooms to create a product that would help marketers, researchers, and media teams create powerful B2B content from ebooks to research reports.

MJ Coren, CEO
Prior to founding Publet, MJ built a career producing online content, and managing newsrooms. As a journalist at CNN and The Economist, MJ learned the true value of high quality online content, later applying at commerical ventures working for the WorldBank and consulting firms. MJ graduated from Emory University and has a Master’s from Yale.

Honza Pokorny, CTO
Honza had led backend development and managed DevOps for multiple startups including PostTool and Amara. He directs the technical architecture of the Publet app and leads the engineering team. 


Christie Nicholson, Head of Sales
Christie has decades of experience in marketing and media. She received her Master’s in journalism from Columbia University, and managed digital products and marketing at Scientific American and CBS. She sits on the advisory board of SXSW Interactive and is an adjunct professor in entrepreneurial journalism at NYU.

Advisory Board

Bob Ippolito Founder and former CTO of Mochi Media, core contributor to Python, badass engineer.


Thomas Korte Founder of AngelPad, former Google product manager, startup advisor, angel investor.


Andy Smith Tech VC investing in IoT, employee at Intel, Dolby Laboratories, and PwC, co-author of The Dragonfly Effect.


Eric Gilmore Founder & CEO of Turvo Inc., Microsoft product manager and director of CEO communications.


Carter Bales Director at McKinsey & Company, Chairman at NewWorld Capital Group, MBA Harvard Business School.

Contact Information:

MJ Coren
Honza Pokorny
Christie Nicholson

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