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Archived: Loyalty Vending Inc.: provides a convenience store solution within the confines of a contained workplace

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Loyalty Vending Inc.

Huge Market Opportunity – This is a huge and growing market within the retail sector. It’s taking technology to enhance and enable retail with economics like there have never been before. Captive audience, low staff cost, zero retail leasing cost, marketing.

Data – Deep data is embedded into the process. In order to check out, you have to create an account with an email address. That account allows us to track everything you purchase, what you repurchase, what categories, what payment method, what times, etc. etc. And we can communicate with you outside of your workplace and drive offers where we would track usage and redemptions.

End-To-End, Direct Customer Relationships – We own the customer. We own the relationship. What other channel can you get a direct to payroll deduction relationship with a customer?

Many Revenue Streams – Revenue from product sales, revenue from sample, revenue from marketing placement physically and in the kiosk, revenue from focus/product testing, sponsoring sections of the installation and equipment, revenue from email marketing, revenue from sales driven off site, and many more. The idea is to get creative with what we sell. Phone cards, prepaid visa, discount cards, movie tickets, etc. Nobody is looking at the stream and array of opportunities like we are.

Loyalty Markets provides a convenience store solution within the confines of a contained workplace. Each location has one or many self-checkout kiosks just like a grocery store that enables employees to grab the items they like and checkout in as little as 5 seconds. Instead of just juice, pop, candy bars, and chips, we offer a full array of fresh and healthy food products including salads, sandwiches, soups, and entrees. Employees will find themselves with more time to enjoy their break. Loyalty Markets will have the products they are looking for in-house, rather than having to leave the building for the products they want. Best of all, it doesn’t cost employers any money to bring this solution to their workplace.

Contact Information:

Richard Kenneth Zinck
Derek Szeto

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