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Oct 27, 2015 5:05 PM ET

Archived: UsBidi – The World’s Most Intelligent Charger Ever!: Auto. Power Shut-off, Keep Battery Healthier& Extend Its Life. Charge 2x as Fast. LED& Magnet End. Durable, Colorful with Right Length.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 27, 2015

We Deserve a Better Charging Experience

Each year our devices get smarter, faster and more intelligent. However, the charging tech still lags far behind. 

UsBidi is created as a charger that is reliable, battery saving, time saving, mess/tangle free, and worthy of our beloved phones and tablets. 

A charger with a mix of great intelligence and beautiful art, will make our daily charging task easier, faster and happier.

Charging Has Evolved, for Android and iOS Devices

UsBidi is the world’s first and the only charger that not only doubles the charging speed, but also automatically shuts off power completely once fully charged so you don’t have to unplug. It spares your device from battery killers like heat and mini-cycles, extending battery life with healthier battery and longer-lasting charges.

It has additional awesome features – LED indicator showing you at-a-glance the charging status, magnetic ends for tidy hold, durable and colorful braided exterior with a variety of lengths (1, 3 or 6 Feet / 0.3, 0.9 or 1.8 Meters) to choose from. 

UsBidi charger is designed to work with both your phones and tablets. It is available in two versions – MFi certified Lightening version for Apple devices and Micro USB version for Android devices.

Keeps Battery Healthier and Maximizes Its Life

How does this work?

A lot of us leave our phones and tablets plugged in charging for extended periods, such as overnight. When left plugged in after the battery is full, a regular charger will cause elevated temperature and mini-charging-cycles, damaging the battery and shortening its life over time. 

UsBidi is created with an intelligent built-in PCB that shuts off charging circuit completelyonce battery is full, as though it has been unplugged. And your device will charge again next time when you plug it in. 

The automatic shut-off feature is comparable to an “auto-unplug” function. No more stressing your precious battery for 8 hours every night, wearing down its capacity.


There are billions of devices left plugged in every night wasting a little energy and generating heat. UsBidi’s “auto-unplug” feature could save considerable energy, if we are lucky enough to reach great number of consumers with your help.

Charges Your Phones 2 x as Fast

How does this work?

When your phone is plugged into a USB port, the regular charger will do data syncing and charging at the same time. UsBidi charger gets a touch switch that stops data syncing once pressed, so that all the power available will be used to boost the charging speed.

When you finish syncing, simply press the button to switch into Smart & Fast mode. UsBidi will double the charging speed and cut your charging time in half.


Magnetic Ends for Tidy Hold

Store UsBidi using its magnetic ends anywhere, always mess free. 


LED Indicator Shows You Charging Status at-a-Glance

You don’t have to pick up the phone to read its charging status any more.

Why Did We create UsBidi Charger?

A regular charger gets messy. It breaks, wastes energy and slowly kills the battery with heat and mini-cycles.

How often do you have to charge your phone despite being promised 14 hours of battery? With the regular charger causing battery damages, your experience just gets worse!

Experts warn us, “Don’t leave your fully charged phone plugged in”. It can damage and weaken your battery over time. 

Battery Care Tips


Do You Find These Familiar?

Apple tells us, “Remove certain cases during charging”. Samsung says, “Unplug once fully charged“. 

 But it shouldn’t be this complicated. That’s why we have created UsBidi.


Great Features You’ve Been Looking For

Compared to Regular Chargers

Why Kickstarter – We Need Your Help

We’ve come a long way from where we began. All the obstacles are behind us now, and the top quality manufacturing partner has lined up, but we can’t go any further without the support from you!

With your help, we will be able to meet the requirement of minimum orders to start production. 

Charging has evolved again! Pledge now and help us spread the words, together we will bring UsBidi to the consumers market and of course your hands!

Select Your Rewards

Pick Your Choices at the End of the Campaign

Available in two versions – Micro USB version for Android devices or MFi certified Lightning version for Apple devices. 

Choose your favorite color and preferred length for any one of your charger.

You can pick your choices by responding to a survey at the end of the campaign. We will design the survey to be super easy for the combination of your choices. 

Project Timeline

We started the idea and feasibility study in May 2014 to safeguard our devices battery by re-engineering the charger. And soon we identified more improvements that can tackle people’s common complaints about charging.

Following over a year of intense work on concepts, detailed design, manufacturer assessment & selection, prototyping, testing and fine-tuning, now we are ready to go into mass production with your help.

Where Will Your Pledges Go

Contact Information:

UsBidi Charger

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