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Oct 27, 2015 1:50 PM ET

Archived: Team iTap U23 Cycling Development Program

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 27, 2015

Team iTap U23 Cycling Development Program

Hi Guy’s,

Team iTap or Irish Talented Athlete Program is a self funded program for assisting and developing Under 23 cyclists wishing to become full-time professionals. Team iTap receives no funding from any Governing or Regional Cycling bodies or any assistance from clubs or other entities.

The transition from the junior (17/18 years old) domestic environment to the paid professional ranks is a complicated and demanding road. Cyclists once leaving Ireland inevitably need to be able to cook, clean, drive, manage financials, deal with personal medicals….you can see where we are going with this, big responsibilities.  All of this responsibility needs to be managed whilst training full-time. Between on the road training, strength & conditioning, core, foam rolling & recovery etc the athlete could have 30-40hrs per week consumed before they even think about dinner. Here we find another vital aspect of the athletes tool box and that is nutrition. It’s such an important part of the athlete’s tool box knowing how, when and what to eat. Brining a young guy or girl from secondary school and transporting them to the professional athlete ranks should be a full on degree in itself.

Here at Team iTap we provide the education for these athletes to succeed. Year in year out we see so many of our top class athlete traveling across the waters in search of their dreams only to return empty handed and more often than not due to lack of education. Nearly all I have spoken to have said with more guidance and eduction they would have had a better crack at making it. Again that is what we provide at iTap.

On the ground here in Ireland iTap provides all racing support and backup services, from booking accommodation for stage races to providing bikes, soigneurs, injury management, physic etc all to the riders for free in return for a full-time commitment to bike racing.

The short fall for iTap is funding in order to travel to international racing. This exposure is required by the riders in a measure and selected fashion in order to progress and develop further their progression.

Were are looking for supporters of the program to help us with our funding and are offering rewards for your support.

If you are donating the riders can only but thank you for your support and if not they will do the same.

Thanks for reading and we’ll sees you on the road for 2016


Team iTap


Contact Information:

Team iTap

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