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Oct 27, 2015 2:55 PM ET

Archived: RAHAMA Housing: Establishing transitional housing for victims of domestic violence catering to the needs of Muslim women and children

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 27, 2015

RAHAMA Housing

A Safe Space for Muslim Women

We are a group of women from Buffalo, New York volunteering for RAHAMA (Resources and Help Against Marital Abuse), a not for profit organization established to give council and assistance to women and children in need while educating the larger Buffalo community on the reality of Domestic Violence. One of our immediate goals is to provide transitional housing for women and their children as a comfortable, safe haven to rest. We will provide halal meals, a place to pray, and access to local imams. We currently offer culturally competent counseling for women and spiritual support by a group of dedicated social workers and volunteers. We hope RAHAMA Housing will be a light for our sisters in their darkest times and we hope the wider community will help us to start this endeavor through prayers and donations.

Domestic Violence A Tragic Reality in EVERY Community

Unfortunately domestic violence is a reality that plagues women every day. 

“One in four women will experience family violence in her lifetime.  Domestic violence affects women of all cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds.  Preliminary research suggests that 15% of Muslims experience or have experienced physical violence.  Nobody deserves to be beaten, raped, controlled, insulted or isolated.

Islam holds its followers responsible for speaking out against injustice and doing whatever is possible to end all forms of oppression. (5:8,42:42-43).  The Qur’an reminds victims of oppression that if they are powerless to end the oppression, God’s earth is spacious enough for them to find a place free of oppression. (4:97)

Please help us in this effort to create a comfortable space for our sisters in need.

Buffalo News 2009 Founders Award presented by Family Justice Center

Relief: Holistic Transitional Housing

The members of RAHAMA will, Inshallah (God Willing) establish a transitional housing shelter for 6 to 8 women and their children. The shelter will be located near a bus line so that women will have easy access to transportation. 

This transitional housing will be a safe place where women are provided

  •  safety planning
  • counseling
  •  education 
  • referrals to the local resources that are necessary in their journey to healing. 

While no woman will be turned away we will cater to the unique needs of Muslim women which differentiates us from the other area shelters in Buffalo. We will be the only faith based shelter that offers  support for domestic violence within an Islamic environment. We also seek to dispel the myths about domestic violence in Islam with the women we serve and in the larger community.


RAHAMA is an organization founded on Islamic principles dedicated to supporting women and children. We provide educational resources, emotional, material and educational support.

RAHAMA has been caring for victims, spreading awareness within our communities, collaborating with local agencies and representing the light of Islam. Established in 2006.

Our work has led us to the realization that we need a transitional housing shelter for women. The need is great and therefore the funds that are collected from this campaign will go to establishing a transitional shelter that can provide a safe haven for women. “We should not have to lose another one of our sisters to domestic violence.”

Donate and Become a RAHAMA Advocate

Please donate generously to help us purchase and establish our transitional housing shelter.  Spread the word because every little bit helps!

Contact Information:

april arman

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