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Oct 27, 2015 2:30 PM ET

MNPHARM SBC: a contract manufacturer of recombinant proteins

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 27, 2015



Advancing Plant Based Medicine … MNPHARM is a contract manufacturer of recombinant proteins. Using transgenic plants like tobacco and a proprietary method, MNPHARM combines technological advances in controlled indoor agriculture and biochemistry.

The life cycle to commercialize traditional medical treatments from Research Lab through FDA approvals is long and costly. MNPHARM can shorten the time and be more cost effective than current methods. Our proprietary growing system allows MNPHARM flexibility to produce small batches or to scale up production as needed. Our flexible production gives us a competitive advantage in the fast growing field of personalized medical treatments.

MNPHARM is currently collaborating with research partners at Mayo Clinic, U of MN, UC Irvine, and other research centers. Working directly with researchers allows MNPHARM to manufacture clinical test size batches quickly and at a lower cost. As part of the researchers FDA approval process, the likelihood of continued business is very strong. Additionally as a collaborating resource, we will likely share ownership on future IP opportunities.

MNPHARM’s proprietary methods utilizing transgenic plants, produces recombinant proteins in 6 days that could take up to 6 months using traditional mammillary methods. Our methods utilizing transgenic plants are safer, faster and have a lower production cost. Large or small quantities of recombinant proteins can be grown quickly. Our plant based process avoids the issue of microbial contamination during production that may be present using traditional animal based methods.

Products / Services

Recombinant Protein

Production of protein using transgenic plants such as tobacco.

Contact Information:

Jeff Reinert

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