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Oct 27, 2015 5:19 PM ET

Archived: Growing Food Growing Community: to increase awareness of food, culture, health and sustainability

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 27, 2015

Growing Food Growing Community

The Cannery Community Kitchen Garden will be a commercial grade kitchen, an inspiring learning and sharing space, and community garden; accessible to the entire Esperance Community. We want to increase awareness of food, culture, health and sustainability and bring our community together, providing opportunities to connect, develop and share practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

The Kitchen installed will be commercial grade, allowing for cooking workshops and community cookups, cooking for community events, catering for Cannery Arts Centre Events and hire by commercial entities.

A woodfired oven will be built by community in the courtyard and this will be used for a variety of workshops and community events. The remaining indoor space of the building will be an inspiring canvas for community to utilise.

The Community Garden, the grounds surrounding the building will include a vegetable garden and orchard, chicken coop, bush tucker trail, sensory garden and outdoor area with a stage for events. Over time, a variety of art will be created throughout the space.

We see the space being used for community events, workshops, yoga and meditation classes, playgroups and schools, community baking sessions, seed swapping days, growing food workshops and more.

The location of the CCKG is within grounds of the historical Cannery Arts Centre, an essential organisation within the Esperance Community, supporting local artists and regularly hosting a variety of exhibitions to encourage the community’s participation and appreciation of the arts. We feel that the inclusion of growing, preparing and sharing food is a natural extension to the arts centre.

To ensure the space is financially self sustaining we will run pop-up cafes, host art events, cater corporate events and charge for some workshops. The spaces will also be available for hire by commercial entities for workshops and use of the commercial grade kitchen.

painting by local artist Valma Schultz

Our ultimate goal is a whopping $50,000, this will cover all material and specialised labour costs for the purchase and installation of the Kitchen appliances, hot water system, rainwater tanks, woodfired oven, garden and orchard set up. Our community members will volunteer many hours to get the kitchen and garden up and running, and we will do as much as possible ourselves. Many donations have been committed, particularly for the garden! We will purchase quality second hand appliances where possible to reduce our environmental footprint and save money (although being a small and remote town second hand options are limited and transport costs are high).

We have the building and grounds secured and approved.

Why we need the moolah!

Kitchen (total $33,250):

Exhaust canopy $3500
Oven and hob $6000
Pass through dishwasher $4250
Refrigerator $2800
Coffee machine and grinder $6700
Kitchen appliances (blender, sandwich press, deep fryer, planetary mixer) $3000
Cutlery, crockery and utensils $4000
Work bench $1500
Sink $500
Woodfired oven $1000

Building maintenance ($9650)

Hot water system (solar/gas split) $3500
Paint for interior and exterior $2000
Modification for disabled access $1500
Interior wall removal $700
Asbestos removal $1600
Toilet refurbishment $350:

Garden (total $7100):

Rainwater tank (25000L) $3500
Shade cloth, black plastic, building consumables $640
Garden tools $300
Straw $90
Seeds (heirloom) $70
Wicking bed materials $2500

Some examples of what your contribution will do for for the Community Kitchen Garden:

A packet of open pollinated heirloom seeds to get our garden going and enabling us to collect seed in the future to share through our community seed bank.

A garden trowel to help out volunteers get the garden going, and keep it going.

A locally bred bantam hen.

A bag of cement for the woodfired oven that our community will make over a series of workshops.

A pottery serving bowl made by a local artist- supporting our community in more than one way.

A dining chair for community and pop-up events.

A tank of fuel to reimburse volunteers who head out and collect limestone for our garden walls.

A dining table made locally for community and pop-up events.

A sink to wash our vegetables in before they enter the kitchen for preparation.

Enough paint to revamp the exterior of the building.

Contact Information:

The Cannery Art Centre Inc

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