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Oct 27, 2015 11:25 AM ET

Archived: Establishment of Taste Cultural Food Tours: to create employment, social and economic participation, and cross cultural understanding

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 27, 2015

Establishment of Taste Cultural Food Tours

Invest in Taste’s ability to create employment, social and economic participation, and cross cultural understanding.

Taste Tours celebrate diversity through food.

Help us create more training and employment opportunities, build social and economic participation, inspire more cross cultural understanding where it’s needed most, by investing in our growth.

Our Project

By establishing a physical space we can scale our social enterprise.  We will increase our capacity to train more tour guides and scope new areas, creating more employment opportunities, in more places, making a positive social and financial impact in the communities where it’s needed the most.

We know that 98% of participants (Tasters) do not live in the tour area and that  63% of from every tour we run, will return to the tour location to shop. 

 Every Taster that goes back to shop, takes on average 2 people with them, and they spend around $30 each.

The result is an extra $20,000+  in new sales in each town centre, for every tour we operate – this means more local jobs, more work for guides and more people from all over Sydney embracing a community, culture and place they would never have visited if they had not gone on a tour.

An added bonus is effect the tours, and amazing media coverage the tours generate, on the people who live in the tour communities.  An increased sense of pride and achievement is evident, and this has a flow on effect to how the people and the place see themselves – it’s a triple win!

Our vision is for tours to be operating in every community in Sydney that struggles with social challenges.

Our impact is proven, it’s time to scale so we can make a difference in many more communities, but we need your help.

We invite you to join the Taste campaign, eat for good and make a difference.

We have designed a menu of rewards to suit all appetites for change.    Choose from nibbles or a full feast,  either way you will be full with pride.



Why Taste Exists

Taste was formed in partnership with communities, in response to circumstances which were less than ideal – disengaged youth, cultural tensions, high unemployment.   Our products are co-designed with communities, our business is run by community members.  The same people who are affected by the challenges within their communities are part of the solution.  They know what will work to shift their circumstances and change their lives and the lives of their neighbours, friends and families.

Our objectives are:

1. to promote diverse town centres and small cultural businesses through the media and tours,
2. to employ local people to deliver the tours, and 
3. to work in partnership with local councils, community and business groups to promote economic development.

How You Can Help!

You can support our campaign to independence by becoming a Taster and making a donation.
Choose from our menu of rewards and give as much or as little as your appetite will allow.

If every Taster donates just $10 we can make our target, be eternally grateful and our team of amazing cultural ambassadors, employed!. If you have more to share then we have some terrific rewards from a Taste branded mug to remember tour Taste adventures over coffee, to a personalised exclusive Taste Tour experience.

Please also help us by sharing this campaign with your friends, family, colleagues and even your enemies, they may benefit from Taste gratitude too.


Learn more:

Visit our website

Tipping Point Goal: $12,000

Total Funding Goal: $22,000

Tipping Point goal

Our tipping point goal will enable Taste to set up a fully functioning training space, from which we can continue to support and celebrate a diverse and cohesive Australia.

Ultimate goal

Will enable Taste to complete the training of 20 more guides, needed to support the expansion of the Taste project into a self sustaining model.


– See more at: http://startsomegood.com/Venture/taste_cultural_food_tours_inc/Campaigns/Show/establishment_of_taste_cultural_food_tours#sthash.qLs1j4oL.dpuf

Contact Information:

Taste Cultural Food Tours Inc

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