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Oct 26, 2015 6:56 PM ET

Archived: Wanderdusk Jewellery: A boho jewellery start up, selling handmade + worldy sourced accessories for trend forward wanderers

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 26, 2015

Wanderdusk Jewellery

What’s the deal?

My little start up accessories business ‘Wanderdusk’ has come a long way in a year. I started from nothing and have built a strong brand identity, with products shipping internationally on a daily basis.

I hand make a large quantity of the jewellery for sale (boho and wordly inspired) and am now expanding into exclusive Sterling Silver ring designs. I struggle at the moment financially, buying new stock to stay trend relevant and ahead of competitors, as well as having to pay bloggers/ instagrammers for promoting the accessories.

I have so put so much time and sweat into growing it, and am determined for it to succeed. I know that the next step is to advertise to a much larger audience, which I cannot afford to do alone. 

Who am I?!

I’m Becky. I’m a boho bonkers fashion promotion graduate, and an accessories addict.

I have seen the niche for affordable jewels that aren’t mass produced but convey identity. I quit my full time job as a visual merchandiser on oxford street to pursue my little jewellery dream, and with growing monthly sales I now dream of expanding and reaching out to more potential customers!

So, how did it begin?

Although I studied the promotion pathway, I have always had a keen eye for design. My dream is to work for myself. I have always believed in shopping small, creatively and ethically. For me, there is nothing that squishes the feeling of individuality more than mass produced products.

It all started toward the end of my studies. I started to make chokers and anklets for myself in the Summer months, since I couldn’t find what I was looking for on the high street. My mum played an inspiration here as she had created/sold wedding jewellery in the past, and I had taken tips and seen how she used her tools.


Friends began asking me to make jewellery for them, it was at this point I launched my Etsy shop and began expanding.

I truly believe Wanderdusk is different to every other jewellery and accessories brand out there, and really differentiates from everything available on the highstreet. Exciting, trend forward products are at the heart.

Best selling products within the last month have been Hair Clickers and Hair Rings, and Harness Bra. All of which are all very niche and innovative. I predict coming up to Summer ’16 the New Feroce Shin Chains will perform exceptionally, as well as the new Eden Chain Bralette.


Having donors would mean the world to me. I have proven already that there is a gap in the market for what I am providing, but just lack the funds to be able to get the brand message out there to the right wanderers!

Where will your hard earned money go? 

I have managed to get this far without any loans, and have done nearly EVERYTHING by myself (no matter how stressful and time consuming!).. I researched into how to set up a business without any money, but mostly used my common sense. This comes in regards to reordering stock on a need basis, using low cost advertising methods such as google analytics, and taking advantage of social media promotion which is free! 

However, I know now that expensive advertising is necessary in the start up stages for exposure, it would prove extremely beneficial and worthwhile to target thousands of customers in one hit.


I am lacking funds for a magazine advert/advertorial and for bloggers with much larger audiences who have higher fees (most charge £200 upward per blog post and Instagram post). If I hit my minimum target, I would be ecstatic to take some bloggers on board with much larger follower amounts (From 200,000+) that I will not be able to do otherwise. 

If I am lucky enough to hit my full target, I will be able to go forward with an advertising campaign with a magazine. This will then mean Wanderdusk reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers. For a three month campaign with Cosmopolitan in a jewellery editorial over Christmas, I was quoted over £700. I did not see this as worthwhile as the space given was minuscule and the advert would have been hidden in the page. As well as having to pay for the advertising I will need to shoot for exciting and fresh campaign images which will cost an estimated £200, to hire a professional model, photographer and HMUA.

A larger budget is needed for a larger advertising space and extended time period. I know it will be worthwhile. Customers once they know of the business often reorder, and spread the word for me!

If I am even luckier enough to exceed my target, I can also fund new stock for the store! It would love to expand into customized tote bags next.


Contact Information:

Becky Kidd

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