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Oct 26, 2015 8:06 AM ET

Archived: mediafeedia, Inc.: has developed a robust cloud-based social media management dashboard for businesses and other organizations

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 26, 2015

mediafeedia, Inc.

mediafeedia, Inc. Logo

mediafeedia, Inc. has developed a robust cloud-based social media management dashboard for businesses and other organizations. The mediafeedia technology-platform enables businesses and other organizations to effectively and efficiently manage their social network assets. mediafeedia, via its Software as a Service (SaaS) model provides its users an online interface dashboard, which becomes the single point from which subscribers manage the content of one or multiple social media assets . Included in the feature set is the ability for the business or other organization to schedule content in advance (hours, days, weeks, months). This feature gives service subscribers complete content management as well as oversight and audit control of Facebook™ postings, thereby diminishing the opportunity for erroneous, fraudulent or careless releases. Additionally, organizations benefit from a time savings as posts can be created in advance when it is most convenient for them to do so and then these posts will be delivered to Facebook™ fans at times determined by the organization to be most optimal.

Organizations that select the paid version of mediafeedia are able to custom-brand their posts on Facebook™, complete with a clickable link to the organization’s Website or other Web accessible digital assets. The mediafeedia dashboard also enables the business to have team members easily and safely collaborate on content publishing on the organization’s social media properties. The suite of services offered through the mediafeedia platform is very powerful yet affordable and easy to use. Through the use of mediafeedia, organizations are empowered to attract, engage and reward their most loyal customers, fans and followers while saving time and money.
Since the introduction of its dashboard in January 2011 and without any sales or marketing expenditures to date, over 20,000 users have signed up for mediafeedia’s free service plan to manage over 160,000 Facebook™ fan pages.

Products / Services

Software as a Services (SaaS) – Social Media Management and Optimization Dashboard

Affordable and easy-to-use cloud based dashboard that enables small businesses to manage content, conversations and rich media on Facebook and Twitter. Other features include management of multiple Facebook and Twitter identities, custom branding of posts, analytics, team collaboration and advanced content management scheduling.

Contact Information:

Peter Buonaiuto

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