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Oct 26, 2015 9:34 AM ET

Archived: Invest in Fast Track: Be a part of the m-commerce revolution

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 26, 2015

Invest in Fast Track

Kill that queue – Liberating m-commerce with FastTrack

Impatience is a virtue!

We just had enough! It’s 2015 and we are still queuing in all sorts of places, at the grocery store, the flower shop, at our local take away restaurants … Even though we have pre-ordered, we still need to queue in order to pay. Why!? No one benefits from the queues and the ancient way of pre-ordering were payments needs to be done at the concession point. We just had to find a solution which could help the merchants to get rid of the queues and increase service. It’s not about pre-ordering, it is about pre-payment!

There are numerous mobile ordering systems on the market today. But none of our restaurants had them, because they were too expensive. So we had to reverse the existing models, turning the business model upside down to come up with a service everybody could afford. And we needed incentives to change the behavior in order to grow big!

This is FastTrack!

With our business model every merchant can not only afford this solution, since we offer it at no cost, there is also an incentive to save money using the built in payment system. FastTrack is a free to use software/app solution, where the merchant easily can insert their offers. Every merchant gets their own branded m-commerce app with a PSP and Bank solution included as well as a set of CRM/Promotional tools, to increase sales on their existing customer base.

All business is local

We strongly believe that the best person to sell the app to the consumers are the local merchants, since they already today have the relationship with them. Helping the merchants building their brand, growing the relations and increase sales on their existing customer base as well as saving money with the built in payment system, will help us converting people to buy stuff conveniently through their phone, pre-order, pre-paid! Less queues, better service!

The merchant’s best friend

We sell time to the stressed people!’ We are positive that if we can attract merchants with a good tool to save money and increase service, the customer will be willing to pay for it and of course save time!

A free to use m-commerce service with possibilities for every merchant to save money from the built in payment solution and business model.

A cheap service for the customers in order to get a better service, no time-wasting queues and promotions from their favorite merchants.

Technology for ordinary people

The service consists of the app interface and the backend interface, simple and robust.

The app-interface is customizable in colors, content and pictures to build the local merchants brand and strengthen the relation to their existing customers. This gives the merchant his/hers own app, which makes her/him responsible for the service that comes with it.

The back end interface is cloud based and can be loged in to from any connected device. The backend is divided into permission levels. One for shop owners who wants to have control over the offers, prices, promotions etc. And one for the shop staff, that only should be able to open and close the app, execute orders, withdraw products from the menu and export sales reports.

The merchants have full control of their app via the backend interface, where they build product categories, products and menus. They can choose to insert pictures, launch promotion campaigns or send messages to their customers. If they have more than one shop, they can add more shops into the same app all geo tagged for customer convenience. Apart from the code base we have developed for the apps, we have spent a lot of time to develop different automation tools in order to handle large volumes of merchant apps. Even though we have a couple of steps left to be totally automated we have come a far way down the path. The plan is there, all we need is resources!



Contact Information:

Daniel Holmqvist
Kalle Olsson Bexell
Nils Jensen
Christian Sundgren

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