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Oct 26, 2015 3:00 PM ET

Archived: Help Us Provide Clean Water for Pakistan: Make a difference by joining this noble campaign from as little as $10

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 26, 2015

Help Us Provide Clean Water for Pakistan

As salaam alaikum brothers and sisters,

Around 63 million people in Pakistan don’t have access to clean water and 250 000 little children die annually because of that same issue. We are collecting funds to build water pumps that will provide clean water to literally thousands of people for years to come. insh’a’Allah. 

Be part of this beautiful campaign and get your name engraved in the books of angels. Pick a contribution amount from the right menu and change lives today.

Let’s make a mark!

This campaign is definitely going to change lives in a way you can never imagine, and will give living in remote areas a chance to live without worrying about their health due to unclean water. I am sure that a smile on the face of a child after she sips water from a water pump that you helped with, is absolutely priceless. Right?

How we do what we do?

Each water pump is professionally installed in an area where it’s needed the most. All the funding is collected by the organization called, SaafPaani (Clean Water in Urdu). 

Here is the procedure from start to finish.

  • A request is sent to our partner organization in Pakistan, with the requirements as to where we would like a pump installed. In most cases they send over documentation over areas where water is needed the most. So a contributor is free to choose where they wish their fund to be used.
  • The duration from start to finish is around 3 months. But if it’s a very remote area, then it can be upto 6 months, but insh’a’Allah it’s still possible to get it done.
  • After approval of an area that’s chosen for the installation, SaafPaani is assigned with a project manager who sends pictures and documentation over the whole project. He then makes sure everything is in place and let’s us know of anything that could come up that will delay the process.

What are the costs?

Apart from the water pump which comes upto around 950 USD including cost of setup and administration, we provide other services as well. We have the intention of setting up a filteration plan that costs around 3000 USD and a more advanced plant that goes all the way upto 18 000 USD. Insha’a’Allah as a combined effort, I am sure thousands if not tens of thousands of people will benefit and dozens of generations in the future will remember you in their prayers for being part of something so noble.

I want to make a difference, how can I?

You may take part in this campaign by giving your share to help other brothers and sisters in need. No donation is too little so please don’t hesitate. And if you have questions, please ask.

Here is the picture showing the final pump

Bit about me

I have been involved with various charities and have collected funds for a lot of various campaigns via the radio program I host in Norway, Voice of Oslo. I collect for people who need an operation, very poor families who need help with marrying off their daughters, collecting funds for wheelchairs for the disabled, and funding operations for eye cataracts in little children so they can see this beautiful world like you and I.

Here is my website, and here’s my facebook page. So if you have any other concerns about this campaign, you can email me at mail@wakasmir.com 


Wish to donate with PayPal?

If you are somehow unable to make a donation with a card, then you may use PayPal by clicking here and we will add the donation to this campaign with your information, in’sha’Allah


Contact Information:

wakas mir

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